Shark Deterrent Wetsuits

  • 28 August 2014 |

Our next trip takes place in less than 5 weeks (Bali) and one of the things we’ll be doing over there is surf. And we’re not entering any water without these Shark Deterrent Wetsuits.

Now we grew up during the early 90’s. We watched Jaws at a pretty time (we where vulnerable for these kinda movies). Even since we’ve been really spooky with dark spots when taking a rest on our surfboard staring for good swells. We can’t help it.

Now we understand that surfing in a iron suit like that superhero from Marvel isn’t really an option. But the guys from Radiator created something quite similar and appeals to us very much. They are called Shark Deterrent Wetsuits and are made to scare shark away… Wait, what?

According to Radiator studies have shown that vision is the crucial sense in the final phase of a shark attack. Sharks only see in black and white but their perception of shading is very and impacted by the ‘reflective spectrum’ in the water. So, they created wetsuits which will confuse sharks and that makes it a whole less possible for you to be seen as a nice snack.

Pretty cool right? We might buy one of these just to make extra sure we don’t come across one of these beasts while in Bali. Because if we do (even if we spot a real fin or something), we don’t think we’ll ever again spent time in the ocean.

Price: USD 450 
More information: Website Radiator