Review: Tickets Bar Barcelona by Albert Adrià

  • 31 August 2015 |

Yes! We can finally write and tell that we actually visited Tickets Bar Barcelona by Albert Adrià. 20 courses and 6 hours later we can honestly tell that this could be one of the most amazing experiences we’ve ever had.

But! A good experience doesn’t make a restaurant incredibly good. We’re not trying to say the food wasn’t good. The food was exceptionally good. The thing is however, if you serve 20+ courses chances are there are a few thing you don’t really like. And these negative things you take with you when you go home.

But, let’s start at the beginning. Our reservation is at 18:00. This is not a normal time for a restaurant reservation in Barcelona. We’re confused but also think that this could be normal for such a ‘strange’ restaurant. We are right. We enter at 18:00, we leave at 1:30. If you want to experience the chef’s tasting menu, you better be there one time, because time is something you’ll be definitely needing.

We are not naming al the different courses we had. We’re naming a few that blew our mind in a very positive way.

The very first course is the Olivas Gordal Adobad. A signature dish. This looks like egg yolk but tastes like olives. Really strange. Really good!

The second course is also one to remember. A spring tree with pistachio acorn. We kid you not. We got served a tree (see pics) with a scissor to cut a cherry that is growing in the tree and there’s also this delicious acorn that tastes like pistachio. Oh boy…

After this there was some tuna with caviar, more caviar, strange mozzerella, pesto waffles and a slice of pizza. There was eel, ham (of course), some more tuna AND very, very tasty oysters. Than there were shrimps and anchovies.

Now it’s time for one of the best dishes. Steamed (literally) octopus. Sooooo good! And after came the ‘suckling pig’ and some chicken on a stick.

Think you’re done? Guess again. We moves to another area of the restaurant which is called the sweet room. We can’t (and won’t) tell anything about it. You should just go see for yourself. Seriously!

We’ll be back. For sure!

Price range: €150,- tasting menu including wine pairing
More information: Website Tickets Bar
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Rating: 8,5








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