Review: The Venetian Las Vegas

  • 6 June 2016 |

Before we even arrive at the Venetian we are really looking forward to sleeping at this iconic hotel in Las Vegas. The problem is, our ride is a bit bumpy. Our flight was delayed with 4 hours and we were already supposed to be arriving late at the hotel, on Halloween night! 

We eventually arrive around midnight at the hotel. The taxi ride to the hotel let’s us have a first impression of Sin City, and it’s not looking good. What? Are we crazy? Well, not really. It seems like Las Vegas has lost a lot of it’s classiness over the years. Especially during ‘Halloween’ nights like this.

Checking in at the Venetian goes pretty smooth. Of course, we’re not checking in on a really busy time, so it’s not that weird we’re having little trouble with that, but we can imagine that checking in at a hotel with more than 5.000 rooms can wear on you when your, say, 20th in line.

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Anyway, we dump our bags and head out. Our bodies wants us to go to sleep, but now we’re here, we’re not missing out on this special night in Las Vegas. Little did we know…

Outside was mind-blowing. In a not so positive way. 90% of the people were drunk (loud) and very trashy dressed. Our stroll over the Strip didn’t took longer than 45 minutes. We already felt tired but the excitement pushed us to stay out of bed for a little longer. After 30 minutes we came to the conclusion that a bed wasn’t such a bad idea.

We make our way back to the Venetian and enter in a different location than we exited. We tried to find our way back to the right elevator, and of course you first need to cross the casino’s (annoying but acceptable) but the hotel is so freakin’ big that it literally takes us moren than 30 minutes to figure out which way to go. And still there are a lot of trashy people shouting, rooting and yelling all around.

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When we finally found our room we took some time to examine it. The room was really nice. Everything in there was nice and big. American style. The bathroom had everything we needed and it was actually pretty nice that the sleeping part of the room was pretty much the same as the living part. Because we are really hungry next to sleepy we crash on the couch for a few minutes and enjoy some zombie zapping on the TV.

The design of the hotel is a not really as Italian as we would have expect. The hotel lobby has al these mural paintings which are pretty cool, but in the room the design shifts from classic Italian to just being classic. Which is ok, but we would have liked it to be a bit more Italiano.

The next morning we again take some time to explore the hotel. Before going for breakfast we try to go for a swim in one of the 200 swimming pools. Las Vegas however in November isn’t really ready for outside swimming. It’s really freakin’ cold outside so that idea went out of the window real quick. So we get dressed again and go for breakfast. In Europe, this is mostly included in your stay. In the USA it’s not. And that’s something we don’t really get. The Venetian makes it’s money with the casino and the drinks that come with the ‘job’. Offering free breakfast would be nice, especially when you take a closer look at the rates of the hotel.

Architectural wise the hotel is more than stunning. When you walk inside this building you really feel like you’re in Italy, there’s even a plaza (indoor) with special lighting on the sealing which makes it possible to create daylight when it’s not. Pretty cool but also a serious mindfuck.

The Venetian for us was a ‘once but never again’-experience. We are used to smaller hotels with a lot of personal touches. Those places make you feel at home. The Venetian is noting like that. But, they don’t pretend to be it so it’s more of a personal thing. That having said, the design of the whole building is really really cool. Man, even the waiters at the Italian plaza speak and sing in Italian. They take their shit serious, and that’s really cool.

Price range: Around €450,- a night
More information: The Venetian website
TripAdvisor: link
Google: maps
Rating: 6,5

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