Review: The One Villa Bali

  • 21 November 2013 |

Our first stop in Bali is at this resort called The One Villa Bali. It’s located in the Seminyak area and consists of only 6 villas. KLM dropped us of perfectly and the driver from the hotel was waiting for us just liked we talked about. It’s always good to see someone from a strange country holding a sign with your name on it.

We reach the resort around 23:00 but the very friendly staff is wide awake and welcomes us accordingly. They seem to understand we had a long flight so they seem to speed up the checking in process. This is something we like very much. Personnel that seem to understand what your needs are without even asking.

Because its pretty dark we don’t really have a clue where we are. Yes, we’re in Seminyak, but we’ve never been here before, so practically don’t know shit. But for now, that doesn’t mind. We want to see the villa, and feel the master bed.

The One Villa resort has only 6 villas (more are coming in the near future) so het property isn’t really big. We ask where we have breakfast the next morning. There’s no common place for this. Breakfast is being prepared and serverd within our own personal villa. Well, that sounds really nice.

We follow the lady from the hotel trough this corridor with all exotic plants surrounding us. Even in the dark this place looks awesome. at the very first door we stop and enter our villa. It’s enormous. Our ‘place’ consists of 2 buildings and a pool in between. 1 building is the outside living room and the other one can be closed and functions as the bedroom with half open bathroom (backside).

The reception lady leaves us so we can check out the place. Our energy levels are low so we decide to check it out more extensively the next morning. First the bed….

What a night. The bed is perfect. The rain shower (which is outside) was at first a little bit uncomfortable. Not because of the water quality, but more the fact of taking a shower in the open air… That’s just different.

Our own personal cook/butler is truly the nicest person on this planet. See does and knows everything, which is very convenient when you just arrive on the island. She suggest we check out the beach first and that sounds as a decent plan. The in house taxi shuttle service (free of charge) takes us there and we receive his phone number for when we want to go back to the hotel. This is a service we’ve never encountered before and we can tell you, it’s the best. No more taxi costs. Always a friendly and experienced (must) driver and we he’s available 24 hours a day.

All in all we had a blast during our first nights in Bali. We highly recommend The One Villa for everyone who is looking for a little bit of piece and tranquility in the Seminyak area. The only downside we can think of is the exact opposite of this piece and tranqility. You like walking? Forget it. The street leading to The One Villa is not for pedestrians. It’s dark, unpaved and a bit long. Just use the shuttle service.

Price: from USD 450,- a night
More information: Website The One Villa
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