Review: The Amala Bamboo Restaurant Bali

  • 21 November 2013 |

There’s this hidden gem in Seminyak and it’s called the The Amala Bamboo Restaurant Bali. It’s a restaurant within a hotel and is all about healthy stuff. We spoke with the marketing manager and they really wanted us to stay at the hotel, but our schedule was full so we ended up accepting an invitation for a spa treatment and dinner only.

The resort is located in the busy part of Seminyak but the moment you drive up to the reception, all that busyness is gone. You enter a piece of serenity and tranquility you wouldn’t expect. Not when you’re still this close to all the cars and scooters rushing around.

But, it can be done. The manager of the place is waiting for us and is eager to show us around. The place has only but a few rooms and a small swimming pool, so the tour doesn’t take that long. That’s ok, because we’re not here for the hotel. We’re here for a special holistic spa treatment, and a very healthy meal.

Now, I need to apologize for what’s coming. I really enjoy a spa treatment, but 75% of the times I am ‘taken care of’, I sleep. I usually don’t do relaxing. It just not my nature. But when I do, I sleep. This means it’s hard for me to tell about the treatment. Luckily my partner in crime was able to tell me that it was ‘strange and cool’. You usually read these stories about Bali massages being not really gentle and stuff, but this time it was.! They take their time and try to get your digesting up to speed. Which should be a good thing right before dinner.

The dinner was just as weird as it was exceptional. We had some great food, but also some things we wouldn’t order again. But an healthy and holistic dinner isn’t about taste (I guess), it’s about you getting the right ingredients into your stomach.

If we ever go back to Bali we would certainly visit the Amalia again. Don’t really know if this would be because of the Spa treatment, the dinner, or the fact that the location is as perfect as they come. Maybe we’ll just let you guys decide.

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Rating: 7