Review: Spoonik Barcelona

  • 5 June 2016 |

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, you pay a visit to Spoonik. An underground hipster restaurant in one of the outskirts of Barcelona. Dinner starts at 20:00 sharp, but getting there in time isn’t as easy as most people think.

First of all. There are two Spoonik’s according to Google. This isn’t helpful because the one that looks the most like a restaurant, isn’t the one you should be visiting. We of course did. Second, the outside of the real Spoonik restaurant doesn’t look like a restaurant. At all. It’s a house. And the backdoor is closed. Without it having a door bell or something. So, how are we supposed to get in? We try calling but the chefs obviously are busy.


We eventually end up inside the restaurant. It’s a living room turned kitchen with no more than 20 seatings. Everyone is looking our way. We’re late. And because everyone gets the same dish at the same time, we’re not only late for the the chefs, we’re late for the entire restaurant. Not a good start.

But, because they know it’s hard to find and they’ve been in similar situations with previous guests, they don’t really care. The place doesn’t have cosy or romantic settings. There are 3 big tables and you’re sitting right next to people you don’t even know. Chances are they are Catalan, because Spoonik hasn’t been around very long.

About the food. Well, it’s certainly different. The thing is, we lost our notes for this dinner. Normally we write our reviews pretty much the day after we visit a place or restaurant. Because of different reasons we didn’t this time. And we still regret this. So, we can’t really tell you anything about the food but it was excellent. But it’s not just the food, Spoonik goes for the complete experience. So Before we move to desert, a young woman walks in the room. She stands right next to kitchen en the lights are dimmed. She starts singing opera. Like really good. We’re not really opera people, but this is really cool. It’s intense. And that’s the idea of the Spoonik owners. They want to tickle your senses in ways nobody else does. And it’s working. Some of our company even sheds a tear or two. That’s a first. 


All in all Spoonik is a wonderful experience. Chef Jon Giraldo (Colombia) and chef Jaime Lieberman (Mexico) give you a taste of the kitchens they are familiar with. The food is good (little bit too experimental for some you might argue), the wine was awesome but it’s the setting and the atmosphere that gets to you big time. We mean, have you ever dined in someone’s living room? Of course, but not like this, we assure you.

Price range: €140,- set menu including drinks
More information: Spoonik website
TripAdvisor: link
Google: maps
Rating: 8,5