Review: Sardine Restaurant Bali

  • 21 November 2013 |

Seminyak has a lot to offer when it comes to food. Like for instance Sardine Restaurant Bali. Luckily for us we were invited to come check out the place. And afterwards we were very happy we went.

Sardine is located just outside the heart of Seminyak. It’s not really within walking distance from our hotel so we take a cab. We get dropped off at this huge area with a big wall surrounding it. From here you can’t see anything but it sure looks pretty cool. We’re taken care of by Pika, the female owner (50%) of the place. This lovely person shows us around and accompanies us to our table.

We talk a bit and find out this woman has been all over the world. Now she finally found some piece and decided to open this Sardine restaurant in Bali. The restaurant is trying to be as green as possible. Most of the ingredients are organic but also the materials used in the building are thought of.

The place has been open for 4 years know and not a single day goes by that the restaurant isn’t fully (or almost fully) booked. We decide we let Pika choose our menu. This way we know for sure we’re getting some serious signature dishes. We receive Black Tea & Yuzu house cured salmon, sea bass & sea bream sashimi, grilled hamachi and grilled whole fish Jimbaran style. Yes, we’re at a fish restaurant. 😉

The food we ate was delicious. We thought we tasted it all, but even Nobu in New York doesn’t come close to what you get at Sardine in Bali. Yes, it’s that good. The Hamachi was the dish of the evening for us. Soft and basic and the sauces that came with it worked awesomely well. It excelled in excellence because of it’s simplicity.

We highly recommend this place guys. Don’t you dare skipping it when around.

Price range: EUR 5 – EUR 30
More information: Website Sardine Restaurant
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Rating: 9