Review: Restaurant Market Paris

  • 21 August 2011 |

Restaurant Market Paris. What can we say? When we visited New York we went for dinner at Spice Market. That was one of the best nights we’ve had. Before we went to Paris, we knew we had to check out Market. Both Market and Spice Market have the same owner: Jean Jorges.

Of course we were curious if Market could top Spice Market. With this in mind we entered the restaurant. We made reservations at 19:30. Which is early we found out. Maybe we should have known. The manager with whom we have previously discussed our visit is not present. We walk in a fairly empty restaurant. The staff directly knows who we are and escort us to our table.

We take a moment to check out the place. It looks absolutely stunning. It’s chic and trendy, but not too much. It’s just right. The staff is very busy making sure we have everything we need. The sommelier comes up and gives us 2 glasses of champagne. What an entrance!

We receive the menu and spot the Black Plate. This is something we need to try. A german family right next to us tells that it’s a must have in Market. We feel like we don’t have a choise and place the order. It seems that people from all over the place visit restaurant Market just for this Black Plate.

To be honest. Everything they say about this Black Plate is true. It’s that good! The Black Plate consists of six small Asian snacks, each with its own flavor. It’s not enough. We want more. And we want it right now.

Our main menu consists of Red mullet and salmon. Beautifully presented and a true feast for the tongue. The ever changing wine matches the food perfectly. The dessert (De Crumble de pomme vente met glace á la canella) is accompanied by a sweet white wine. We are normally not fond of these kind of wines, but it seems that nothing can go wrong tonight.

If we ever visit Paris again. There is one thing we’ll do without thinking. Visit Market restaurant. Everything works at this place. The food, the wine, the atmosphere, the staff, the other guests… It was a real treat to eat at Market. Yes, it’s expensive but you do get something really special in return.

Avarage menu prices: € 39,- Black Plate, € 35,- main course, € 40,- bottle of wine 
More information: Website Restaurant Market
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The Thalys was kind enough to bring us to Paris. And back to Utrecht. The train leaves from Rotterdam or Amsterdam. It only takes you like 35 pages of your favorite book and you’re standing in de middle of the City of Light. It goes so fast you it’s kind of an culture shock when you get out at Gare du Nord. We travelled first class with free WiFi for less than 200 euros per person.