Review: Primero Primera Hotel Barcelona

  • 29 August 2015 |

The second hotel we visit during our stay in Barcelona is called Primero Primera Hotel Barcelona. It’s very different than our visit to Gran Marina, but we this as a good thing.

This hotel is located a little bit in the North (Tres Torres district) and is kinda within walking distance of the city center (maybe the metro is a better idea when it’s scorching hot outside). We arrive by taxi and we didn’t spot Primero Primera Hotel Barcelona until we stepped out of the car. The Hotel doesn’t look like a hotel at all. It looks like normal residential building.

The entrance was probably a former garage because it fits a car perfectly (and in the back there still is room for parking (which is ideal for people that have a rental). On the right there is the reception and on the right something that looks like a restaurant. Of course this is a place for eating, but we didn’t know this upon our arrival.

Checking in goes very smoothly. We’re on the 2nd floor at the end of the hall way. There’s no such thing as a ‘sea view’. You don’t book at this hotel for the view. You stay here for relaxation and tranquility. And the room is perfect for this. The hotel has 30 bedrooms in total so that means it’s officially a boutique hotel. Every room is spacious decorated and very comfortable. Of course there are difference in size, but the manager tells us that every room still is very spacious in it’s own kind.

Dark paint is used in our bathroom which gives a more intimate sphere in comparison with the room where we sleep. A lot more white is used here. Our room is a medium and has the king-size bed. We didn’t have the terrace, but we didn’t mind because when we wanted to spend time outside, we used the pool area of the hotel.

This pool area is very cool. It’s small, but it’s perfect for some relaxation. This pool is not made (and barely used by) for children. During our 2 night stay we didn’t see any children at all. The hotel doesn’t promote itself as being adult only, but it certainly came across as one to us (which in our case is a good thing).

Primero Primera Hotel Barcelona is rated extremely high on TripAdvisor and we can understand why. This the perfect place to stay with your girlfriend or wife during a romantic city trip to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. We highly recommend this place. The staff is amazing, it’s small so there’s not a lot going on (privacy) and there’s a lot of smart self service (bar, pool, restaurant) which we liked very much.

Price range: Around €225,- a night
More information: Website Primero Primera
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Rating: 9






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