Review: Paresa Hotel Phuket

  • 18 November 2014 |

We’re done with the South of Phuket and travel back to the North-West of the island – which is the ‘busy part of town’. Paresa Hotel Phuket in Kamala is our next destination and we’re excited. Excited because Paresa is one of the hotels we’ve been very eager to see with our own eyes.

Reaching Paresa is bit annoying. The street that goes up the hill is full of holes and our taxi driver (who has never been here) is freaking out because his car isn’t built for this. When we finally reach the resort, we’re a bit stunned. In no way it looks like the pictures we’ve seen on the internet? Are we in the right place?

We get out of our taxi and walk down some stairs and reach the reception. It’s a bit of a cold and sterile place. Not a place you’d like to stay long which is weird because every part of a hotel should make you feel at home. After checking in we are kindly asked to follow the lady that would bring us to our room. We walk down some stairs through a hallway that leads to these huge doors. And these doors are literally the gate that leads to the heaven of all heavens.

Jep, you’re reading this correctly. We’re heading for the heavens of all heavens. That’s what the name Paresa stands for. We punch the gong 3 times and the doors open…

My oh my… If this is what heaven looks like, we’re not that afraid of dying. What you see can only be described in pictures. There’s this ocean view with us standing in front of this so called miracle lawn. 10 square meters of green grass with just a single marble bench. A true heaven of all heavens.

We are stunned. We somehow did not see this coming. We should have known, but we were put on the wrong track (deliberately of course) by the not so inviting entrance. After being mindblown, we are taken downstairs with an elevator. Then we hop into a golf buggy because the ‘roads’ at Paresa our pretty steep. It feels a bit like a rollercoaster: they are small (it fits only one buggy) and one moment you go slowly up and a few seconds later, you go down fast.

We’re in villa 242 and it’s perfect. The bedroom is not too big but not small, and the same goes for the bathroom next door. Outside is an extra shower, a balcony overlooking the Andaman sea and a small but enjoyable pool. This is just perfect. The interior design is very Thai and that’s exactly the way we like it. We also notice that nature plays a big part in this resort. We are told that not a single tree was cut down during the building process. Everything single piece of construction is built around or through a tree. This means that every piece of construction is well thought off. This is something you don’t see very often. A lot of construction is done on gut feeling. But not Paresa. No no no… Every square centimeter has been overlooked as least twice.

So we’ve seen the miracle lawn and our villa. Time to check out the rest of the resort. Paresa has two restaurants in the same place. That same place does has some sort of rule. If you sit outside, you’re going for the Thai cuisine, of you stay inside, you’re in for some Diavolo treat (Western). Of course, you can also eat western outside, but these days you got to have a concept you know…

Our first dining experience will be at Diavolo. But not in a normal way. We’re in for the infinity dining experience. That means we dine a level lower, inside the infinity pool overlooking the sunset into the Andaman Sea. This is an extraordinary experience. The surrounding and the food is just amazing. We have some Thai lobster which was the best we’ve ever had, some scallop carpaccio and lots of other nice stuff. We can’t really remember because the view and the setting swept us of our feet. We will remember this for the rest of our lives and urge you to experience this once you’re at Paresa. Don’t leave without the infinity dining.

The next day we receive a tour around the hotel from one of the nicest hotel managers we’ve ever come across. He gives us lot’s of information about the property which we are not going to use in this review. Why? Because this review is already long enough and we haven’t even started about the wonderful Spa treatment we had.

We’ve been doing this reviewing thing for 4,5 years now. We have seen luxury in many kind of disguises and were able to see hotels that are mindblowing. Never have we given 10 (rating) but today is the day that this changing. Paresa gets a 10. This is the hotel you need to visit. Everything is cool and smart about this place. We couldn’t find a single piece we didn’t like. Yes, it’s expensive. But hey, travel during low season and it gets a lot more affordable. You can’t miss this one while in Phuket guys. This is the one! This is the heaven of all heavens.

Price range: Around €250,- a night
More information: Website Paresa Resort    
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Rating: 10

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