Review: Outrigger Phuket

  • 18 November 2014 |

Today we’re leaving Outrigger Phi Phi and trade it in for Outrigger Phuket. Our final destination before leaving for Dubai. And because our visit to Outrigger Phi Phi was such a perfect stay, we can’t imagine this little brother is able to top it. But boy oh boy, we where wrong.

Let’s not start at the beginning. The only negative thing we could think of about Outrigger Phuket is the fact that it’s a bit remotely located. It looks like Asia today is keen on building these sort of Western compounds for tourists to stay in. Outrigger Phuket is located in Laguna Village, a place where multiple big resorts have found refuge. There’s no local life (just like Nusa Dua in Bali) but only Western things.

This has it’s comforts and it’s downsides. The comfort part is you feeling safe all the time. The downside part for us is the fact we’ve never felt not safe while mingling with local life in Thailand. So to not experience this felt a bit awkward. But hey, there probably are a lot of people that don’t like the local life and like to keep things Western while traveling in Thailand (!?).

The rest of the resort is just perfect. Yes, you thought it couldn’t get any better then Outrigger Phi Phi? Well, it can obviously.

Outrigger Phuket is located near the beach and very smartly structured. Almost every room has the sea view and in the middle of it all is a huge swimming pool where the kids can enjoy their afternoon the best possible. Alongside the pool is one of the 5 restaurants. We where staying just 2 nights so we weren’t able to test all of them, but Locavore and Metzo’s Bistro are really, really good.

The room we stayed in was simple and really no nonsense. And as you might have read it before, we like it like that. We barely use the room anyway. We care about the quality of the bed (this needs to be outstanding) and a good shower/bath/safe. The rest we don’t really care about. Ok ok, a little space to store our luggage is nice, but we don’t really fancy all these extras you often come across in a hotel room. Outrigger Phuket doesn’t doe fancy, at least not in the room we stayed in.

But, Outrigger does go fancy when it comes to dining. They have this VIP club which you of course can buy entrance for. The VIP club has everything the other guests also have, but than a bit more. In the VIP you can have your breakfast without the screaming kids, the lines or any of the things you don’t like about long buffets. Also, there’ s a team of concierges standby to fulfill all your needs, whatever they might be.

Later in Dubai we experience a similar treatment at the Shangr-La hotel, and we really like this VIP-movement within hotels. It will cost you a bit more, but you got a lot of comfort in return. For us, this was a first, but we’re thinking this trend will be widely available in a few years.

Price range: Around €160,- a night
More information: Website Outrigger Phuket

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Rating: 9

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