Review: Library Hotel Koh Samui

  • 21 November 2013 |

From the moment we know that we’ll be travelling to Thailand we knew one thing for sure. We need to stay a few nights at the Library Hotel Koh Samui. Why? Because the hotel is part of Design Hotels (TM), and that can only mean one thing: design. And luxury.

The first nights we spend on Koh Samui we stay at a little less crowded part of the island. The busy part, the area around Chaweng Road, is a spot we’ve not seen earlier and becuase of the fact that the Library Hotel is in the middle of this extremely busy street, we are curious to find out if we can get a good night sleep at this luxurious and relativly expensive hotel.

When the cab driver drops us of right in front of the gate that leads to the hotel, we wonder if there’s a design hotel at all. The gate looks a bit shabby. But lets not draw any conclusions just yet. Lets get inside and see if things turn out better. We turn a few small corners and that’s when it hits you. Here lays the Library Hotel. And it looks stunning.

The first little building you see is on the left and that’s the reception. They know immediatly who we are so we’re treated like press (which is sort of a benefit). Warm towels, a refreshing cocktail… You know the drill. The room isn’t ready yet so we decide to take a stroll down Chaweng Road. It is even more crowded and busy then we thought. Amazing, but we wonder if this won’t affect our nightly rest. There’s only one way to find out we guess.

When we arrive back at the hotel a few hours later the good people of the hotel bring us to our room. Rooms are called pages and we stay at page number 8. There are 4 pages in every building and there are probably like 10 buildings. We sleep at an upper ‘page’ which we think is a good thing. This way we won’t be botherd by noisy upstair neighbors.

The interior of the room is amazing. Everything is white and very minimalistic. We’ve got the Apple computer, a flat screen tv, a couch and a bed. We don’t need much more. Funny is that all the furniture is very low to the ground, which gives it a little bit of an artistic and lofty feel. We love it! But wait, there’s one thing we don’t like. The balcony is very dirty. And its not just our room. We can see that every room has a ‘bad’ balcony. This could be a poor choise of material or just bad planted trees because these are obviously responsible for causing the trouble.

But, the room is great and that’s what counts. Now it’s time to explore the rest of the hotel. There is only one way to go and that’s in the direction of the sea. Before you get there you need to pass the swimming pool. And this is pool is really something else. The tiles on the bottem of the pool are dark red which makes it a red pool (with of course normal water), where any other pool is of course blue. Very nice touch! Two more buildings caught our attention opposite the pool. The restaurant and on the other side the actual library of the hotel. Here you are able to rent/buy books and movies.

We decide to spend a few hours at the beach right in front of the hotel. A hotel employee makes sure we have nothing to complain about. There are multiple giant poufs on which we kick back and relax with one or two cocktails (or more, can’t remember). And this wouldn’t be the last time during our stay. Hell, if we’re ever in the neighberhood again, there’s one thing we’ll do for sure: book a room at the Library Hotel, we promise.

Price: USD 200 a night 
More information: Website Library Hotel Koh Samui
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