Review: Lestari Restaurant Bali

  • 21 November 2013 |

When we started arranging our visit to Bali, we came across this restaurant called Lestari Restaurant Bali. It has raging reviews on Tripadvisor and because that has to mean something, we decide to ask them if they would host us for dinner. They emailed us back almost instantly telling us they can’t wait to meet us in Bali.

So, when we arrive in Seminyak, Lestari was one of the first places we’d visit. Of course, you normally would enjoy your local cuisine, but not us. We’d be going Mediterranean for our first night.

The owner of the place is called Peter and he joins us for dinner. We like it when this happens because for us it’s the perfect way to get to know a restaurant and the surroundings. Peter tells us he’s in the business for over 13 years now. The bombings a few years ago affected his business but he’s still going strong.

We start our dinner with a selection of different ravioli’s. All of them are wonderful. We can’t really remember what was in them (sorry for that), but we do recommend you ordering this dish (for sharing). Peter won’t stop talking and that’s fine for us because we can listen and enjoy the food at the same time.

For our main courses we decide to order a giant piece of meat and a tuna steak (see pics). Both of them are literally swimming in sauce. Something I don’t particularly like, but this time it seems to work just fine. We skip desert because the food before was very rich and don’t want to explode on our first night out.

If you want to eat something different from the Balinese cuisine, Lestari is a good option. The food we had was good and the prices aren’t that high. You could also join some cooking classes in the morning at this place, which could be interesting because it’s famous for it’s raviolis.

Price range: EUR 5 – EUR 19
More information: Website Lestari Grill & Pasta
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Rating: 7