Review: La Table De Tee Restaurant Bangkok

  • 21 November 2011 |

One of the restaurants we wanted to visit beforehand is La Table De Tee Restaurant Bangkok. They we’re very enthusiastic when we told we wanted to visit.

Not a lot of people have knowledge of the restaurant la Table de Tee in Bangkok. This is also not very weird, as they don’t exist that long. Culinairy enthousiasts could have heard of it. This is a restaurant of the Chef Chatree, a chef with a great story…

Chatree is just 25 years old. A chef at heart. Even when he was a kid, he knew he wanted to be a chef. So at his 18th he left to Europe to study under the best chefs, known in the world, among others also Michelin Chef Alexis Gauthier. Afterwards he came back to start his own restaurant, with the financial help of his family. And Few went to Bangkok to pay him a visit.

The restaurants biggest problem is that it isn’t well known, even among the capdrivers. To recognize by the fact that ours wasn’t able to find it the first time around. The restaurant isn’t situated very logical, and slightly in an alley. But within a city like Bangkok this also gives it an extra charme.

Once found we entered a comfy place (14 tables) with only several people present. We were welcomed, as only Thai could do, with a big smile and accompanied by a glass of wine.Chef Chatree was at our table in no-time to introduce himself. The youngster (not ment denigrating) was incredible kind and passionate about his food. So passionate even that he changes his menu every week! Some times everyday even. Not just to give his guests variation, but also for himself.

This doesn’t mean that there’s no choice within the menu. Each day there are four courses, with various variations possible. Few vs Many got all dishes served, and boy oh boy, what a feast!

The red kidney beans with cinnamonsoup was weird, but the blue cheese over it made it fingerlicker briljant. The yellow curry with shrimp risotto was (as it should be) heavy to digest, but lovely Thai with an European twist. The ravioli filled with chicken was onderfully served. Although it was only one, it was a gigantic one (see the picture!). The main courses were salmon with green curry and duckbreast with Thai lemon basel. Both of them were magical to see and even better to taste.

If you’re forcing us into a negative pointer, we’d have to say the Crême Brûlée and de peanut macaron, these we’re as special and a bit too much after all the other dishes. We aren’t really desert type of people anyway, so we’re not judging them…

To conclude we would like to recommend everybody to grab a plate over here once in Bangkok. Another by coming plus; it’s not that expensive. But this will probaply soon change for Chatree and his la Table de Tee. As we predict a great future for both of them!

Avarage menu price: € 22,- for one complete menu
More information: Website La Table de Tee
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