Review: Jendela House Ubud Bali

  • 21 November 2013 |

You know what’s really good in Ubud? Jendela House Ubud Bali. This small and cozy French restaurant is located just outside the huge and busy ‘square’ and has some perfect food waiting for you.

When we say it’s not located within the center, it doesn’t mean it’s not within walking distance. Jendela House is located in this small street leading towards the mountains. The outside kinda has a New Orleans feel to it: Cute little white fences all around and small balconies. Really cool.

We enter a bit early but this is mainly because we wanted to spend some time talking to the manager. The guy is super friendly and tells us cool ins and outs about the place. He tells us he travelled long and far and thought that Ubud was the perfect place to settle down. The owner doesn’t live on the island so this guys is running the place.

Jendela House just started and has a strong focus on French food. It’s difficult however to get the right ingredients all the way up to Ubud so they have to be creative (or extremely expensive – which is not really an option). The manager gives us some recommendations when we take a look at the menu. We decide to just listen te his expertise and go with the flow (and that means we’ll be eating frog legs, a typical French delicacy).

At the end we come to the conclusion that we’ve eaten at 4 different places in Ubud and Jendela House is by far our favorite. Bridges was good, maar a little bit too high end for a place like Ubud (we like high end, but Ubud isn’t high end so it feels weird). Go to Jendela House for a fun and delicious French night out. Hopefully these guys grow to be one of the better places to visit in the coming years, they deserve it.

Price range: EUR 4 – EUR 11
More information: Website Jendela House Ubud
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Rating: 8