Review: Hansar Koh Samui

  • 19 August 2015 |

As you might have read we’ve been to Bangkok and Northern Thailand. But we’ve had enough. It’s time to visit Hansar Koh Samui. We’ll leave Phuket for the British. Koh Samui it is. 

Yes, you remember correctly. We’ve been in a Hansar hotel before. Not to long ago. But that was then, and now is now. The Hansar Koh Samui is situated on the North side of the island. Indeed, we are for away from the famous and mostly notorious Chaweng Beach, and on the edge of the wonderful Bophut fisherman village.

We are being picked up by the the hotel and when we arrive we feel like we’ve entered a tiny piece of heaven. Every single person in the hotel is maybe the nicest we’ve ever met. And that includes the guests. We have a beautiful room with a view of the sea. It’s not really a big room, but it’s perfect. We (and you probably neither) don’t need a whole lot of space in our hotel room. You need a bath. A balcony and a shower/tub.

When we’re done enjoying the amazing view of the sea we decide to check out the hotel. But first we have an appointment with the famous LUXSA Spa. We get one of the signature treetments and it’s a joy we’ll remember forever. Thai people are notable for there massages and we understand why…

When we ‘awake’ revitalised at the Spa we stroll around Hansar Koh Samui. The one thing that catches our eyes is pretty obvious. The swimming pool. It’s not only huge. It’s build so when you enter, it seems like an eternity pool (looks like you’re in the ocean). If’ you’re not much of a pool person, you can hang out on the beach which is a few meters away. The only thing you need to get past is the bar, which isn’t really a bad thing because the Thai weather will make you thirsty.

We stayed at Hansar Samui for 2 days but every time we think back of our trip to Thailand we wish it would have been more days. This is the hotel you need to check out when at Koh Samui. Yes, visiting Chaweng is a must. Just to see what all the fuzz is about. But staying a while at Bophut’s Hansar Samui is just as important to feel the Samui vibe first hand.

Price: around € 200,- a night
Avarage information: Website Hansar Samui
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