Review: Hotel Hansar Bangkok

  • 18 November 2013 |

The 1st review of a hotel in beautiful Thailand is Hotel Hansar Bangkok. The hotel is situated in the heart of the shopping and business district Sukhumvit which is pretty much the best place to stay in this wonderful city. 

Let´s start at the beginning, at the airport of one of the biggest airports of the world, Suvarnabhumi Airport. After a flight of ten hours from Amsterdam to Bangkok you can imagine that we couldn´t wait to arrive at a nice hotel and relax a little bit. Hotel Hansar was the perfect hotel for relaxation. When we walked through customs there was a very friendly Thai waiting for us. He was holding a paper with Few on it. Outside the airport the man directed us towards a brand new BMW. That was a nice surprise! We hadn´t seen the hotel yet, but we were already very happy with this nice start of our trip.

The trip from the airport to the hotel was amazing. Bangkok is big, smoggy, warm, chaotic and crowded with a lot of people. The city is everything that Hansar is not. The hotel is situated in a little quiet street with a lot of green and lies between The Grand Hyatt & The Regent Royal Palace. It´s very nice after a day walking around in this busy city you come back to your hotel and you can relax without having to listen to the honks of all the cars and the shouting people on the streets.

Entering the hotel we were very pleased to see that the lobby was very neatly and modern decorated. A bell boy took our suitcases and escorted us to our room. Wow, our apartments in Amsterdam aren’t even as big as this hotelroom, seventy square meters. There was one eyecatcher in the room. A terrarium with a lot of green and colorful plants. A very nice design from Hansar but it wasn’t very functional. It was located in the middle of the room and didn’t catch a lot of sun light, consequences; the plants will die. Every three month they had to be replaced. It’s unnecessary and also a little bit funny. If they would replace the terrarium a little bit more to the window, they didn’t have to replace these beautiful plants every three months.

The room was divided in three parts; a work- and dining room, a bedroom and a bathroom. In the bedroom we found a kingsize bed, a little bit awkward, because we are colleagues and not partners, but it’s big enough to lie in and be able not to touch each other. On the desk in the dining room we found the latest news papers of today in English. Then we moved to the bathroom. Here we found a lot of comfort. The toilet is almost as big as our office and we had a ‘rainshower’. Oh that’s nice after a flight of ten hours. We could use a shower.

After we refreshed ourselves we wanted to see the rest of the hotel. The big stairs in the middle of the lobby was really astonishing. What we really liked in Hansar was the kindness of the staff. You only have to ask things once and they did it for you. We saved the restaurant for later because it was only five o’clock in the afternoon. A little bit too early to have dinner. After walking around for two hours in this amazing city with million inhabitants we were hungry and decided to have dinner at Eve, the restaurant of Hansar. This was really delicious. A big steak and a fresh fish with a nice flavored sauce made our day even better.

The next morning we had breakfast in the same restaurant where we had our fantastic dinner. We hoped that it is as good as the fish and steak we had. And yes it was! It was a big buffet with only fresh products; fruit, buns, croissants, cheese, omelets, juices, you name it and they had it. Everything was prepared right in front of you. The perfect way to start the morning.

If we are ever going back to Bangkok we definitely going to stay at Hansar again. A small but very luxurious hotel where the customer is king. And the price for one night is not high for what you get. This is exactly what you need in a chaotic city as Bangkok… A hotel with comfort, luxury, very nice food and a friendly staff!

Mochten we ooit nog terugkomen in Bangkok dan gaan we ab-so-luut opnieuw naar Hansar. Een klein maar zeer luxe hotel dat overal rekening mee houdt. En! Voor wat je krijgt ook goed betaalbaar. Dit is precies  het hotel waar je naar toe wil wanneer je in Bangkok verblijft.

Price: starting from € 175,- a night
Avarage information: Website Hansar Bangkok
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