Review: Hacienda Na Xamena Spa Ibiza

  • 21 May 2014 |

Way up North on the island of Ibiza lies one of it’s most famous hotels. It’s called Hacienda Na Xamena Spa Ibiza. A beautiful resort that invited us for a special spa session (Cascadas Suspendidas) en a lunch snack.

Normally this isn’t enough for us to swing by. But in the case of Hacienda Na Xamena we felt it was time for an exception. Why? We’ve heard too much amazing stories about this place, and our job is to inform you guys (and enjoy ourselves of course) about the best places to visit during your holiday or other sort of traveling.

Back to Hacienda. Our rental car drives us there without any problems. We already knew the place is located next to the sea on top of some serious hills. That could only mean it won’t be reached that easily. We’re right, but this time (in comparison with for instance El Kabron on Bali) the road that leads to the hotel is perfectly taken care of.

We park the car and check in at the reception. The marketing manager comes running in and leads us to the SPA. We get dressed and are told what is awaiting us. We’re going to experience a hot tub massage session…

What that means? Well, it comes down to us stepping in 10 different hot tubs with different streams of water. One is good for the legs, the other for the arms, the other for the neck… You kinda get it, right?

Next to the different tubs you also get the most spectacular view you’ve ever witnessed. Words can not describe these views. That’s why we don’t even bother trying. Just take a look at the pictures and ‘see’ for yourself.

Afterwards there was this ‘complimentary’ lunch snack we’re don’t really wanna discuss. This was a bit of a disappointment. Lesson: Serve us a proper lunch or don’t offer anything at all because now we left with a nasty taste in our mouth.

Hacienda Na Xamena is a place that acts as if it’s one of the most beautiful places on the island. Which is kinda true. We however don’t really understand why you would also behave like this. We’ve encountered a lot of places that were a lot more happy to have us…

Price range: Different prizes
More information: Website Hacienda Na Xamena
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Rating: 7