Review: H-Bistro Hansar Koh Samui

  • 21 August 2013 |

Earlier we wrote about our visit to hotel Hansar at Koh Samui, Thailand. This place holds 1 of the best restaurants of the island: H-Bistro Hansar Koh Samui and we found out they were prepared for our visit.

We made an appointment at the reception for 20:00 but before that we had gone to the restaurant to take a look. It all seemed fine. Nothing really spectacular, but hey, it’s all about the food right?

Just before we entered the premises someone came up to us and asked us for our names. We let her know we were from the digital magazine Few vs Many and she nods friendly: “Please follow me”. We follow the nice lady but instead of taking us to our table – we had requested a table inside because of the mosquitoes – she leads us towards the ocean. Just a few seconds later we find out why.

Our table is set on the beach, overlooking the beautiful ocean: on a wooden bale. We have our own waiter who almost literally runs for us. There are candles all around us and the sharp moonlight makes this the ultimate, romantic experience. It all feels pretty unreal. And we haven’t even tasted the food yet.

According to our waiter we have a special fixed menu. We take a look because they want to know if there’s anything on it we don’t like. It’s all good. All 7 courses . We received some pretty spectacular food (eclectic selection of French-Mediterranean and Thai cuisines) that night: grilled octopus, truffle risotto, crispy duck leg confit, seared Alaskan scallops, Colorado lamb rack and pan roasted line caught Mediterranean sea bass. And it all tasted as good as it sounds.

Afterwards, the chef, Stephen Jean Dion (born and raised in Montreal, Canada), came by for a chat. A very nice and intelligent guy. He told us more about the food and why he choose certain dishes but he also  told a bit about himself. Why he was working here and, of course, where he had worked before. He told us he loves Asia. The weather, the people and, of course, the food. After having worked in Canada he became the Private Chef to His Majesty the King of Jordan. This became a turning point in his career and he spent the next two years catering to the Royal Family. Then he travelled to Thailand and here he found a job at Bangkok’s famous Lebua hotel where he, within a few years, became the Executive Chef. After that he wanted to enjoy a bit more sun and he came here, to H-Bistro at Koh Samui.

It was a good thing our hotel room was within 100 meters. We had eaten so much food it was difficult to walk back. That night we slept like we’ve never slept before. We might have had the most extraordinary dinner of our lives. And the food was good too.

Price: around EUR 75 per person 
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