Review: Restaurant Fiskebar Antwerp

  • 10 April 2017 |

The moment when you first decide to go somewhere (or place), the first thing you do is ask around. The opinion of your friends is something that matters. We of course did exactly the same when we decided to go to Antwerp. We asked where we should eat. And the first 3 people all started talking about Fiskebar. So that’s where we went.

Fiskebar is fish restaurant located in Antwerp South and is a bit of stroll when you are or stay in the city centre. But! We can already spoil to you that you’re gonna have to make this trip and eat af Fiskebar. Why, let us explain…

Fiskbar is located at the Marnixplaats which is one of many streets that lead to a huge traffic circle and has a big ol statue of probably someone famous. We don’t really know, and actually, we don’t really care because this article is about the food.

Fiskebar as a white entrance (see pics) and thick curtain as extra entrance block. We you enter you’ll see soon enough that this is a small and cosy restaurant. No more than 20 tables are relatively packed close to each other (not that close it becomes uncomfortable). The floor is managed by 2 very good waiters who take care of all the customers.

They guy and girl we had didn’t know whom we were and that made our visit a bit easier. They were super friendly and I can imagine any restaurant owner would love to have these two on their roster. We’ve from Amsterdam and we know our hospitality could be a lot better, especially when you experience this kind service.

But, good service doesn’t make a restaurant good. The food also has a role to play. So, let’s talk about the most important part. We start our night of course with some aperitif or Prosecco as others like to call it. People from Antwerp basically always start their meal with a glass of bubbles, it’s almost weird to not do this.

We both order a starter and a main course. We order fried shrimp crocquets and the octopus. The fried shrimps were really good while the octopus was nice and tender but a little blend in it’s taste. While we’re enjoying these starters we’re also going ape shit on the bread with olive oil. Really good!

Anyway, time to go for the main course. I went for the Fiskebar special ‘Bouillabaisse’ which everyone around me is ordering. The dish is basically a big plate full of fresh fish where the waiter pours over this special fish soup that makes the dish simply amazing. So much flavor!

My better half went for the sea bream Thai style. Also, really good piece of fish with a lot Asian flavors. And rice, a lot of rice.

We tried to leave without having dessert but they insisted that we at least tried their signature chocolate cake. And we always have room for chocolate cake. Especially for this one.

Ok, so let’s wrap up this review. Did we enjoy Fiskebar? Yes! Did we have good food? Yes! Would we come again? Yes!   

Price range: Starter around €15 – Main course around €25
More information: Restaurant Fiskebar website
TripAdvisor: link
Google: maps
Rating: 8