Review: Farmhouse Inn Sonoma California

  • 29 July 2016 |

While we’re in Napa (the Meritage) we read about this hotel called Farmhouse Inn and it’s supposed to be the best hotel of California. It’s on our route so we ask if we could stay a night and they told us they were happy to have us for a night. And that night became the best night during our 4 week trip.

Farmhouse Inn is located is located in Sonoma (wine country) and lies a bit secluded from all the hotspots. Of course, there are vineyards everywhere, but it’s shops and restaurants are not located within walking distance. But that doesn’t matter, because the moment you enter the Farmhouse premises you don’t wanna go out.

Farmhouse Inn

We only stay for one night so we have to make the most out of it. And that’s not easy because we’re arriving kinda late in the afternoon. The ladies behind the counter are super friendly and when the ask us if we would like to join a small wine tasting in 30 minutes we leave are luggage and take place in this small and cosy chill area right next to the reception.

2,5 hours later (and a bit tipsy) we make our way to our room. That was really fun. And for free. We met some great people and the staff of the hotel joined in also. That is something we haven’t experienced before but made a huge impact. Since when is it ok for the staff (not on duty but still) to drink with customers? We don’t care because we liked it a lot. Maybe this tells you something about the vibe at Farmhouse Inn? We think so…

The room is super nice. It’s spacious and elegantly decorated. It really feels like staying in a super fancy Farmhouse. From the outside most of the rooms look like old cottages and the lady of the hotel actually admits that they are.

Farmhouse Inn

We sleep like babies in a super soft bed. This room and hotel is really something special. Everything works. But we haven’t tasted anything so we make our way to the breakfast area. In Europe and Asia it’s normal to have your breakfast included with your stay. Farmhouse Inn also has this and that makes us happy. We’ve read that the restaurant is famous and we’re ready to experience it!

The place is really quiet and nicely decorated. I order some veggies with a waffle and my partner in crime goes for the quinoa salad. Both are extremely good and we’re immediately speculating what dinner would look like.

Usually we stay for at least 2 nights at a hotel. With such a visit we also usually take time to test the restaurant. At Farmhouse Inn we don’t have that luxury but that’s kinda ok. Because what we’ve experienced so far is aching for more. We seriously have found a good reason to come back. And I am certain we will.

Price range: Around €700,- a night
More information: Farmhouse Inn website
TripAdvisor: link
Google: maps
Rating: 9,5

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Farmhouse Inn

Farmhouse Inn

Farmhouse Inn