Review: El Kabron Restaurant Bali

  • 21 November 2013 |

Our review about El Kabron Restaurant Bali is a difficult one. There’s much to like, but there’s also much we didn’t like. But where to start? The human brain will always remember the bad news first so it really doesn’t matter where we start, right?

We didn’t ike the road to El Kabron. It’s long. We stayed at Nusa Dua when we visited El Kabron, and when looking at the map we thought it would be a 20 minute drive by cab. But it eventually took us over 45 minutes. We could have been in Ubud by that time, and that’s all because the road leading to El Kabron is far from perfect (dirt road alert).

We also didn’t like the manager. We totally liked the owner (we spoke with both), but the manager was kind of a dick. And that my friends, doesn’t happen very often. We made agreements beforehand but he never lived up to them. This resulted in an awkward situation when we were leaving and we had to maken him call the owner just to set things right. We don’t like awkward situations and try to avoid them at any cost.

Those two let downs will not make this a perfect review. And that’s a shame, because the ingredients for a perfect spot are all here. El Kabron has won multiple awards for having the best sunset view of the island. And my oh my… This is true. We enjoyed it thoroughly. Some Bin Tang beer, some Sangria for the mrs. and we were good to go. We knew it was supposed to be beautiful so we had high expectations. But we didn’t think it would be this awesome! It is the best sunset we’ve ever experienced. No words can describe it so we urge you to go there (or take a look at the pictures).

But wait, before start booking tickets and make reservations, we should say something about the food. It wasn’t really special. They have the paella and it’s good. But we’ve had better. We were hoping the food was as good as the vibe but it was a bit of a disappointment (again high expectations). Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying we didn’t like it, but we had better and that means we’re not going to remember this one for the food, but only for the views and the atmosphere.

Price range: EUR 19 – EUR 37
More information: Website El Kabron Pecatu
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Rating: 8