Review: Bridges Restaurant Ubud Bali

  • 21 November 2013 |

According to the whole internet there’s one restaurant you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Ubud. It’s called Bridges Restaurant Ubud Bali and it’s name has something to do with it’s surroundings. Is that making you curious?

Bridges is this high end restaurant build on the edge of a mountain. When we arrive (it’s dark) we don’t immediately see what all the fuzz is about, but when we take a closer look it all becomes clear. The ‘garden’ is filled with ropes, bridges, and lights.

We’re unlucky because there’s this mist hanging around. Thanks to this we can’t enjoy the extreme beauty there is to see. Of course there’s the internet for pictures, but when you’re here, you want to see it with your own eyes.

The fun thing about Bridges is the fact that they work hard on being different. They’ve got multiple theme nights a week/month which makes it easier for tourists – and of course also locals – to meet new people. For more information about that we recommend you visiting their website and look for more information.

But, we’re here for the food and the experience. Not for stuff that happens on days we;r enot around. We order all kinds of stuff that sound interesting. From Laksa prawns to thai-inspired barramundi and filet mignon. It’s all good, but not really special. We also notice that the food is coming with increased speed. Don’t really know because they know we’re some kind of important or that’s normal. We’re not really fan of this kind of dining because we want to enjoy what we’re doing.

In the end, Bridges is fine. It’s not a place we’d visit again. Maybe for lunch, but that would be more because of the amazing view outside than the the food which is probably not a good thing to hear for the chef at Bridges. We’re sorry for bringing this, but the food wasn’t all that great. It was normal, and that aint good because the prizes are far from normal.

Price range: EUR 5 – EUR 30
More information: Website Bridges Ubud
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Rating: 6.5