Review: Bose Quietecomfort 20i

  • 21 August 2015 |

A review about the Bose Quietecomfort 20i…  Well, I’ve been struggling with finding the right earphones for a few years now. Long have I stayed with the t-Jays 4, but a few weeks ago I went on a trip to Dubai and Thailand. I knew up front that my t-Jays wouldn’t e enough to secure me from having a quiet flight.

After some researching I discovered that there are a few noise canceling earphones out there, so I contact the guys at Bose and asked them if they would be so nice and send me a pair to test and review later. These expensive earphones (EUR 300) are getting raging reviews so I was very curious to see what the fuss was about.

The moment I got on the plane and was able to switch to ‘relax’ mode something really weird happened. It was something I hoped would happen, but didn’t think was possible. The moment I plugged in the Bose Quietecomfort 20i and turned the noise canceling on I ended up in this place without hearing a single thing except my music. Usually in an airplane you hear all different kinds of noises, but not this time.

Never before did I enjoy a flight like this time. 6 hours to Dubai and 6 hours to Thailand I traveled with a huge smile on my face. It was pure happiness that ended up in muscle pain in my face. Which I of course didn’t mind.

About the quality. This surprised me very much. Like I said before, I’ve been wearing earphones for years now but never was I an audio purist. That part hasn’t changed so I can tell you that the quality is very good. The bass is very rich and it has crispy highs. But, if you are an audiophile, this is not for you. There are better versions but these don’t have the noise canceling function, which is clearly it’s USP.

That having said, this is a must buy for everyone that spends more time then he wants on a busy airplane/train. The Bose Quietecomfort 20i will shut down every noise of everything that’s happening around you. I don’t see us using anything else in the near future.

Note: the Bose Quietecomfort 20i are not to be used in traffic because that’ll be very dangerous.

Price: USD 299,-
More information: Website Bose