Review: Azure Resort Tsilivi Zakynthos

  • 20 June 2016 |

Our second hotel in Zakynthos is a lot different than the one we’ve been staying in the past couple of days. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but Nobelos was really good, it’s not going to be easy for Azure Resort to get even close. But, you never know… 

The moment we arrive in Tsilivi we have that gut feeling that this is not going to be easy. The rough northern part of Zakynthos appealed to us very much and now that we are ‘back’ in the touristy part of the island we’re not feeling comfortable. But, we have to give this place a shot, for all we know Azure Resort is freakin’ awesome…


But it’s not. We tried to like it, we really did, but there’s a lot going wrong at this place. Let’s begin with the fact that 75% of it’s ‘customers’ is there on an all inclusive base. Which basically means it attracts the wrong kind of people. And when the hotels also has paper thin walls you know it’s a good thing you brought those ear plugs from home.

The hotel itself is actually not that bad. The people that work at the hotel are nice and interior wise it’s minimalistic and even a bit sterile which we usually like. The blueprint of the place is also not that bad, but it’s the people that are staying there that ruin it for people like us.


But, we can’t blame those people. They are what they are and they try to enjoy themselves in a way that suits them. It’s just not our way. We like to enjoy our food and take time to do so, we like to enjoy the surroundings and listen/talk to the locals. We like to go for a walk without being stalked by vendors and other people that need something from you…

The pools look inviting but that’s all gone the moment we see people from the hotel throw in buckets of chlorine in the early morning. When we see this we take a look at each other and decide that we’re not swimming in any pool today, we’re heading to the beach!

We really tried to like Azure Resort but it’s just not us. This hotel stands out in their own and we know for sure this place is going to bring in a ton of money. They are situated very good (walking distance of the beach and surrounded by good restaurants) and for the people that like/need the all inclusive package this is going to be a good fit. We however enjoy places like Nobelos more.

Price range: Around €125,- a night
More information: Azure Resort website
TripAdvisor: link
Google: maps
Rating: 6,5

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