Review: Armani Ristorante Dubai

  • 31 August 2014 |

Armani Ristorante Dubai is one of those restaurants you have to go see once you’re in Dubai (and you can afford it). The interior design is absolutely stunning and the food… Oh boy, the food is so freakin’ good!

The problem here is, and we have to be honest, that we don’t really remember everything in detail. We lost our notes while migrating from one computer to another. That’s why we’re writing this review a bit different than others. Sorry for that guys, but we can’t figure out how else to tackle this problem we’ve caused ourselves.

Oh, before we start we have to apologize to the good people at the Armani concern. They welcomed us with open arms and we’re unable to fulfill our agreement. However, we of course do publish an article but it’s not anything near we’d like it to be.

So, here’s what we remember.

The design is really really good. Every single thing is according to Georgio himself. He was involved with every single detail. There are a number of Armani restaurants inside the Burj Khalifa. We dined at the famous ‘Ristorante’. The food is of course Italian and from what our memory (and thanks to the pictures) the wine (brilliant sommelier) was truly epic.

There’s one other thing we remember (besides of course the fact that the food was amazing). The prices. They are pretty steep. Steeper than your normal establishment in Dubai (which is quite expensive already).

That’s it. Sorry we can’t tell you anything else.

Price range: Around €200,- per person (full menu)
More information: Website Armani/Ristorante
Tripadvisor link
Google maps
Rating: 8,5

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