Review: 137 Pillars Suites & Residences Bangkok

  • 8 June 2017 |

We’ve been in Thailand twice. 5 years ago – and our first visit – we did the scenic and touristic route (Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Koh Samui/Thao). Then, 2 years later we did an extensive visit to Phuket (and loved it, so don’t listen to all the bad stories out there). Now, 3 years laster we are revisiting one of our favourite holiday destinations. But this time we’re visiting Hua Hin, a little less famous spot 300 km beneath Bangkok.

Speaking of Bangkok. We can’t visit this extremely interesting country without spending a few days in it, right? 137 Pillars heard we were looking for a place to stay and invited us over to take a closer look at their newest property in the Sukhumvit area, and after seeing the images from their official website, we’d happily accepted their invitation.

Things we liked
Let’s immediately cut to the point. 137 Pillars has a lot we liked very much. We stayed in a Sukhothai suite on one of the top floors and we loved the fact that it was very spacious. We loved the small living room, enjoyed the super soft bed and had a lot of fun with their special toilet (if you’ve seen the movie Why Him, you know what we’re talking about ;). Everything is well thought of. From the slippers to the hair dryer to the umbrella and the countless magazines that were literally everywhere.

The hotel isn’t your typical hotel. It’s more like a residence because there’e also a lot of people actually living there. This means you are mingling with ‘locals’ and that gives is different vibe than we’ve experienced in other hotels.

Our suite was on one of the highest floors and this of course means that we had killer views of one of the most interesting cities in the world. Being on one of the top floor though also means you’re having a club membership. This membership means you can enjoy a lot of specials. Like special check-in on one of the top floors, free drinks and snacks during happy hour on that same ‘special’ floor and secluded breakfast (away from the ‘normal’ people). But what’s best? If you’re part of the club you may enjoy the rooftop pool. And this pool… Well, take a look at the pictures and you’ll understand why you want to be part of this club.

But, there’s more to like. The food, and we’re not just talking about the breakfast. There’s a place here called Nimitr and it’s simply amazing. We had dinner and we loved it. We had the sous vide prepared cod (recommended by there wonderful manager) which was delicious and a lot of other treats we’ll be remembering long after this visit.

Oh, and before we forget. On the ground floor there is also a bakery kinda restaurant. We did have a drink once but the place was packed like almost every time we came across it. This can only mean one thing, and we’re letting you figure that part out ;).

Finally (yes it’s becoming a long list) we have to mention the SPA. Because we had such a long flight we enjoyed their signature SPA and boy oh boy, this was something really special. Because of the flight they recommended a light massage to get the body back into motion and 90 minutes later we felt completely rejuvenated and ready to conquer not only Bangkok, but the whole country.

Things we didn’t like
It’s hard to find things we didn’t really like about the hotel. 137 pillars has it all to become an icon in Bangkok. However, it’s location is not as perfect as other hotels (like Hansar we’ve reviewed 5 years ago). The location is bit remote and though the hotel tries to overcome this with free shuttles to the nearest mall/train station we have to say that this is practically the only point that could have been better.

Would we visit again? Yes! Most definitely. Would we recommend it? Yes, absolutely! 137 Pillars has got something really cool going and we can only wonder where this will take them in the near future. We hope to one day come back to Thailand and enjoy one of their other places because we already know up front that if we’d visit one of them, we’d be having a complete blast, just like that time we visited 137 Pillars in Bangkok. That infinity pool on top of the hotel… Wow!

More information: 137 Pillars website
TripAdvisor: link
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Rating: 9