Retro Hippie Happier Camper

  • 4 September 2015 |

Camping is pretty hipster these days. That’s why more and more people are willing to invest in a retro camper. The guys at Happier Camper are taking this phenomenon next level.

This HC1 Happier Camper is built with the best materials and accessoires and features a lot of modern technology. Stuff like solar panels, iPhone docking possibilities, USB power socket, digital heater, Bose bluetooth sound system, LED-lights and a bunch of other cool stuff.

The interior is completely modular and believe it or not. This ‘tiny’ camper has sleeping spaces for 5 people (!). Down side? It will set you back almost $16.000 USD.

Retro-Hippie-Happier-Camper10 Retro-Hippie-Happier-Camper4 Retro-Hippie-Happier-Camper9 Retro-Hippie-Happier-Camper3 Retro-Hippie-Happier-Camper8 Retro-Hippie-Happier-Camper1 Retro-Hippie-Happier-Camper6 Retro-Hippie-Happier-Camper11 Retro-Hippie-Happier-Camper7 Retro-Hippie-Happier-Camper2 Retro-Hippie-Happier-Camper5