James Perse Pool Table

  • 19 August 2015 |

This is certainly not the first design pool table you’ve ever seen. But, it’s the first that we would love to have. This James Perse Pool Table is made by James Perse and can be transformed into a normal dining table without your guests ever noticing. And that’s pretty impressing.

We, and the most of you, know for some time who James Perse is. We wrote about his Ping Pong table a few months ago. We’re not really into ping pong but the table looked cool anyway.

This James Perse Pool Table is made out of eco-friendly teak wood and has the official dimentions of a pool table. The table is hand made and the playfield is made from black wool. The pockets are leather and the legs have ‘heavy duty vibration leveling’. This way the table will never falter. Oh, you can of course eat of it.

Price: Expensive
More information: Website James Perse