Gesponsord: De compleet nieuwe Volvo V90

  • 7 July 2016

Het EK-voetbal wat op dit moment nog gespeeld wordt in Frankrijk kent helaas vooralsnog weinig hoogtepunten. Eén van de weinig hoogtepuntjes was toch wel Zlatan, en als je hem ook

Tourist or a Traveller?

  • 7 December 2015

Let’s start a discussion! Are you a traveller, or a tourist? Or maybe something in between? The guys over at Holidify created a few fun images that would help you

The best video: Jay Alvarrez & Alexis Ren

  • 7 October 2015

Jay Alvarrez & Alexis Ren. After watching this movie you’ll never forget them. 2 beautiful people doing all the stuff you’ve always dreamed of. So, get your stuff together and

Amazing Los Angeles Hyperlapse/Timelapse

  • 1 September 2015

We’ve seen a lot of hyperlapse/timelapse movies the past couple of years. Never have they ever been as beautiful as this Los Angeles one.  Vadim Tereshchenko has been working on

Deadpool Teaser Trailer

  • 18 August 2015

Deadpool. One of our favorite cartoon characters ever has finally come to the screen. And after looking at the official Deadpool Teaser Trailer, we can tell you it looks very,

How To Pack Like A Pro

  • 28 August 2014

Traveling is all about discovering unknown places and meeting people you never saw before. And packing. And How To Pack Like A Pro is of great importance before you even step inside

Tipping Etiquette Around the World

  • 28 August 2014

Dear fellow travelers all around the wold. There are a few things you should know before you head for your next adventure. Check out this Tipping Etiquette Around the World. The great

Cooking with Napalm Book

  • 28 August 2014

Read this Cooking with Napalm book and figure out why a Ghost Chili or two isn’t really that bad. Or you’re just fascinated by the fact that some people on this