• Review: Lebua Hotel Bangkok

    Review: Lebua Hotel Bangkok

    • 21 November 2016

    Before we head home (our Thailand trip is almost over) we are able to stay at the world famous Lebua Hotel Bangkok. And we’ve been looking forward to this

  • Review: Bose Quietecomfort 20i

    Review: Bose Quietecomfort 20i

    • 21 August 2015

    A review about the Bose Quietecomfort 20i…  Well, I’ve been struggling with finding the right earphones for a few years now. Long have I stayed with the t-Jays

  • Review: Hansar Koh Samui

    Review: Hansar Koh Samui

    • 19 August 2015

    As you might have read we’ve been to Bangkok and Northern Thailand. But we’ve had enough. It’s time to visit Hansar Koh Samui. We’ll leave Phuket

  • Review: Dusit Thani Hotel Dubai

    Review: Dusit Thani Hotel Dubai

    • 21 November 2014

    Moving from Shangri-La to the Dusit Thani Hotel Dubai should be a piece of cake. The hotel is literally on the other side of the street. But, this street

  • Review: Outrigger Phuket

    Review: Outrigger Phuket

    • 18 November 2014

    Today we’re leaving Outrigger Phi Phi and trade it in for Outrigger Phuket. Our final destination before leaving for Dubai. And because our visit to Outrigger Phi Phi was

  • Review: Zeavola Koh Phi Phi

    Review: Zeavola Koh Phi Phi

    • 18 November 2014

    Next up on our trip-visit-list is Phi Phi Don’s Zeavola Koh Phi Phi, which currently is number 1 on Tripadvisor for this island. Of course you can

  • Review: Library Hotel Koh Samui

    Review: Library Hotel Koh Samui

    • 21 November 2013

    From the moment we know that we’ll be travelling to Thailand we knew one thing for sure. We need to stay a few nights at the Library Hotel Koh

  • Review: Hotel Hansar Bangkok

    Review: Hotel Hansar Bangkok

    • 18 November 2013

    The 1st review of a hotel in beautiful Thailand is Hotel Hansar Bangkok. The hotel is situated in the heart of the shopping and business district Sukhumvit which is pretty

  • Review: H-Bistro Hansar Koh Samui

    Review: H-Bistro Hansar Koh Samui

    • 21 August 2013

    Earlier we wrote about our visit to hotel Hansar at Koh Samui, Thailand. This place holds 1 of the best restaurants of the island: H-Bistro Hansar Koh Samui and