Review: Das Neue Moselschlösschen Germany

  • 22 March 2017 |

Nature is calling… We’re not kidding. After so much traveling the past couple of years we’re feeling an urge coming up that tells us to enjoy nature more often. In stead of cities. So, we decided to follow our hearts and go hike. We found this great route in In Mosel, Germany and asked Das Neue Moselschlösschen hotel if we could stay a few nights.

The Moselschlösschen hotel lies directly next to the river Mosel. But it’s not because of the river that everyone know about ‘Mosel Country’. It’s about the wine. To be specific, this is Germany’s third largest wine area. In this place, it’s all about the Riesling.

So, we’re in the car approaching Traben-Trabarch – the city the hotel is located in – and we don’t really know what to think of this Moselschlösschen hotel. We’re kinda expecting a lot of old people enjoying some wine paired with good food. Not a lot of young people. Maybe some locals… Or maybe there are… We just don’t know.

We arrive at night and the reception is super easy to go by. We’re expected and that makes you feel right at home. The interior decoration is not super eye-catching, but it’s definitely not dated which happens a lot to these kind of hotels. We can’t really tell how big it is just yet. We arrived though the garden and we’re taking to our rooms straight away.

The room is actually pretty cool. It’s a two story thing where we slept. Downstairs is a small living room, closet and bathroom. And a stair that leads to the bedroom. Just like the interior in the rest of hotel everything is quiet simple. Simple furniture, nothing extremely fancy but everything extremely helpful and well thought of.

Because the sun has been gone for some hours we decide to just immediately enjoy the bed. We stayed two nights and both nights we slept like little babies (the wine could have played an important role the second night, but still).

We wake up revitalised and before we go out and hike we explore the grounds a bit. First breakfast. That was kind of the only thing we think could have been done better. It felt like there wasn’t really that much choice, but I think it’s more the fact that the hotel isn’t trying to do things different. Which is weird, because their hospitality and room interior suggests otherwise.

After the medium executed breakfast we enjoy the surroundings more. There’s a huge garden where you can enjoy the views of the river and of course the sun. The fun thing is, the back of the hotel immediately lets you enjoy the heart of the village. Conclusion: the hotel is extremely well located. You’re in the heart of everything.

The Hotel has a few other things you can enjoy like spa and wellness, a restaurant and of course some wine tasting. We decided to not try these things because we thought we could spend our time better elsewhere. Which we did. Nevertheless, we do think these ‘events’ are probably above average and in these kind of regions, that’s a lot to ask for.

We can only say that we enjoyed our stay very much! No, it’s not a fancy exotic luxury hotel you see every 50 metres in Bali, but it’s a decent and well thought of hotel. It’s location is very helpful and you can hike and drink wine almost everywhere. Not a super high grade in the end, but one to certainly recommend to everyone.

Price range: From €150,- a night
More information: Moselschlösschen website
TripAdvisor: link
Google: maps
Rating: 7,5