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Working at customs on a big airport can be a really interesting job. People try to ‘smuggle’ the weirdest things back home. Some of them know they’re doing something illegal and decide to cover their tracks with bullshit stories. Some of those stories are definitely worth sharing.

Sleepless in Berlin
In 2010 two English woman tried to check in a dead relative to Berlin. They told the police they thought she was ‘just sleeping’, but customs are pretty sure they were trying to bring the man back to his home country. They tried avoiding the official rules of repatriation by putting him in a wheel chair with sunglasses.

Fishy business
In 2005 a woman tried to smuggle 51 living tropical fish. She hid them in small bags of water beneath her shirt. She was caught upon landing. Estimated value of the fish was EUR 22,000.

Smelly Monkeys
In 2002 there was a lot of consternation when a bird-of-paradise took over LAX airport. But that wasn’t all. The guy who was responsible for ‘losing’ the bird was asked if he had ‘anything more to declare’. He responded in a funny way that he was carrying two monkey in his underwear. And he wasn’t kidding.

Camouflage 2.0
A 17 year old girl almost managed to take her chameleon from Dubai to Manchester. She was caught when picking up her luggage after fellow traveler where making pictures of her crazy cool hat. But that wasn’t a hat, it was her beloved pet, which remained unseeable because of its ability to camouflage.