VSSL Flashlight Flask

  • 13 October 2015 |

Going camping means you need to pack smart. And packing smart means taking the VSSL Flashlight Flask. Why? Because it’s a flashlight, compass, bottle opener and it has two collapsible stainless steel shot cups.  

So, we already convinced you that this flashlight (which is designed to hold your favorite booze) is a must have for your next adventure. Now let’s talk details. The thing is 9″ long by 2″ diameter and weighs 18 ounces. The flashlight has two different modes: static (normal) and SOS (problems!). Oh, by the way, the batteries are included. Anything else? Yes! It comes in two different colorways. Polished metal and olive green. Take your pick.

VSSL Flashlight Flask1 VSSL Flashlight Flask2 VSSL Flashlight Flask3 VSSL Flashlight Flask6 VSSL Flashlight Flask5 VSSL Flashlight Flask4