The Lifestyle of Dave Hendriks – Vico Footwear

  • 19 August 2015 |

In this article called The Lifestyle of Dave Hendriks – Vico Footwear we interview to the Co-founder & CCO of one of the most interesting new sneakers brands out there right now. 

Name: Dave Hendriks
Age: 26
Marital status: Single
Profession: Co-founder & CCO VICO

Strongest point: See opportunities in the smallest things.
Weakest point:
Sometimes I want to go too fast.

How did it all start: VICO started 15 months ago. We saw a lot of vintage and retro in the fashion industry and we thought “we want to do it different”. We had the dream to start a new brand from scratch and build it. A brand which inspires people not to look back but to move forward. We take inspiration from great neighborhoods around the globe, cool hotspots we love. We like to travel and to share this. VICO is derived from the Latin word “vicus”, which stands for ‘in the street’ or ‘in the neighbourhood’. This is where VICO was born.

We’ve found a good family factory in Portugal. The owner believed in our project from the start and we made a first collection together with our Italian designer Patrick and the rest of the VICO team. With this team we are making a collection which is 100% Made in Europe. We believe that quality is important and therefore also all our materials are from European suppliers. In June 2011 we showed our concept to some of the best buyers in the Netherlands and they were very enthusiastic. We delivered our first production in January 2012 to 40 selected stores in the Netherlands and 3 selected stores in Belgium. This is in a nutshell how our journey started.

How is it going right now:  If we could have signed a contract 12 months ago that we would have done it like this with VICO, we definitely would have done it. We are doing very good and we are happy. Of course, there is always enough to improve and to grow.

What does the future look like: I don’t know what the future looks like. I think nobody does at the moment, but I know where we want to go. We put all our effort in building an international stable and honest brand. And keep the independent mind we have now. But to go there, we need to have patience. Patience is an important factor when you build a brand.

Favorite sport: Boxing, running, football
Favorite game:
Favorite commercial: Citroen DS3 commercial. Here you see a voice over of John Lennon saying that copying the 60’s and the 70’s isn’t Rock and Roll anymore. Do something of your own, start something new and live your life now. ANTI RETRO. This commercial is related to the start of VICO.
Favorite music:
Hiphop, Soul, House, Techno
Favorite restaurant:LuLu (Rotterdam). The food is great and the atmosphere even more. It is very relaxed and you sit on lounge couches without your shoes on.
Favorite hotel:
Mama Shelter (Paris). I like the design.
Favorite club/bar:
Club IndoChine (Zurich). June 20 2010, a night to remember.
Favorite gadget:
Travelling notebook.
Favorite clothing brand:
Folk, A.P.C. and Paul Smith.

Anything else: I think it is important that people follow their heart and chase their dreams. Create something, do the things you love and move forward.