Review: Viceroy Resort Bali

  • 21 August 2012 |

You guys know we appreciate a little privacy. Of course this can not be at the expense of a little comfort. That’s why we visited the Viceroy Resort Bali for a review because they told us we could stay at a private villa with infinity pool.

When we arrived at the hotel we are a bit surprised by the fact they have a helipad. Why did we arrive by car again? No really, without any further prejudices we walked to the reception…

Our first impression of the premises is very good. We receive a very friendly welcome (including garland) and all the smiling people, it’s very contagious. In a good way of course. After a quick chat with the lady behind the front office in ‘Chinglish’ some guy leads us to a golf cart that brings us to our accommodation.

But before we go there we get to see the hotel property. The luxury terrace looks extraordinary. The spacious resort is build in 2006 and is well maintained. The Viceroy is a mix between traditional and modern and as far as we can see business is good for the Viceroy. Lots of people are working on expanding the property (more villas). For a moment we thought this might hinder our stay but in the end we didn’t notice a thing about the construction (big compliment). These new villas will bring the total to 25. We’re staying in villa number 19.

When we arrive our ‘driver’ makes sure our suitcases are brought in while we stumble in awe. It looks fantastic. Very traditional but also lots of modern comfort. We especially like the black and white photography in our ‘tipi hut’ of indigenous people. Of course we immediately walk to our own private pool to see and find out if it’s just as beautiful as in the pictures on the internet. It is! The swimming pool is surrounded by a terrace of 30 square meters which is about half of the complete outside area. But, the main attraction of this terrace is the Bale Bengong (Balinese Gazebo) which is floating above the pool. Maximum relaxation!

The villa itself is about 150 square meters. It has a kingsize bed which will help getting rid of your jet lag. Also the big ass TV with Bowers & Wilkes iPod docking station grab our attention. It all just looks very nice.

In the morning it’s time for breakfast and again we’re surprised by all the friendly staff (and the great food). Water melon and all other kinds of fresh fruit are a feast for the mind/tummy. Also the traditional omelet is recommended.

The rest of the day we decide to explore Ubud and it’s surroundings. Het hotel is situated about 10 minutes from the city centre and can be reached by a free shuttle service of the hotel (every 10 minutes from 07:00 to 23:00). This of course is a good way to get some tips from the driver. He recommends us visiting a small restaurant which we do and we had a blast. A simple phone call from the restaurant and 10 minutes later the driver takes us back to the hotel. What a service.

Wasn’t there anything to complain about? There is. The swimming pool had, according to our preferences, a little too much chlorine. Also the rain shower inside was a little weak. But besides that we couldn’t find anything we didn’t like. Probably the best thing was the ultimate relaxation in this hotel. It’s not like they force this feeling, something we see very often. According to Otto (the owner of the Viceroy) – our new hero – is this atmosphere exactly what he had in mind 10 years ago. 4 years later he opened this wonderful hotel and it’s truly something to be proud of. Hopefully we can revisit Viceroy some day. If we’re around, we wouldn’t hesitate, that’s one thing that’s for sure.

Price: USD 800 a night 
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