Review: Ubud Green Bali

  • 21 November 2013 |

Our stay in Bali has taken us to Seminyak and Nusa Dua. Next stop: Ubud Green Bali. Time to see a different part of the island. We’re heading north. We travel to the famous culture and art area Ubud. It’s a long cab ride to the Ubud Green Hotel, but luckily for us cabs aren’t expensive in this country.

It took us around 2 hours to get there which costed us around 25 euros. The town Ubud is basically this huge square block. Everything happens in or around these 4 streets. Of course there’s a lot to do in the middle, but most of the shops and restaurants are located on one of these 4 streets. This ‘setup’ – which we doubt was meant from the beginning – makes it really easy to get buy and you won’t get lost easily.

We stay at the Ubud Green Hotel which is located a bit outside the squared area. It’s probably not a wise idea to try reaching the centre on foot. The hotel has some bikes you can use which is a good alternative but Ubud is hot so if you’re going for dinner and don’t want to arrive there all sweaty, a bike might not be the best idea. The hotel does have a shuttle service, but it’s not for free which we don’t really understand/like.

Our arrival goes smoothly and the villa we stay in is beautiful. It has 3 separate rooms. One big bedroom including a shower area, one smaller bedroom, and a large living room with an open kitchen. The living room has the sliding doors to a private outside balcony with a small pool overlooking some incredible rice fields.

Yes, this all looks stunning. Makes you want to stay there right? Well, we hope you won’t. Yes. You’re reading this correctly. This is the first hotel we stay in (and we’ve been doing this a while now) that we hope you don’t book. And we have multiple reasons.

We’ll start with the staff. The people that work here are nice, but the staff at the reception was just bad. They didn’t speak English very well. This is weird for a high end tourist hotel in Ubud. Also, they couldn’t be of any assistance when we asked about their opinion when it comes to traveling to Lombok. They couldn’t book tickets for the boat we were interested in. They tried getting us on a boat we didn’t like (probably because they get commission) and we when we noticed some things were wrong with the villa, it took them ages to come and fix it.

But this is not where our complaining stops. The worst is yet to come. We would travel to Lombok after our stay at Ubud. We asked for information about how to get there the best way. They would take care of it – and they did – but our taxi driver told us this horrific story. Ubud Green would get 50% of the money we would pay him to bring us to the ferry boat (which they said didn’t even exist). This is something that really struck us. Why would the hotel want to make money of this taxi driver? Why would they tell us there’s no ferry but only fast boats? They get like USD 200 for every night someone sleeps at the hotel and they still want to make money likt this?

Eventually we payed the cab driver 50% extra so he would get the amount we think he should have been paid in the first place. And it’s not just this example. We went mountain biking and the reception also ’took care’ of this. We got this private guide who was pretty cool, but the tour wasn’t all that special. Especially when you take a look at the money we paid.

All in all there were a lot of things the hotel didn’t do really good the way we see it. Also, the part that they try to make extra money without doing anything (over the backs of the hard working locals) makes our stomach turn. It really is too bad they look at it this way because the hotel is awesome. It’s green and all and they really want to do good for the Ubud environment, but if the staff sucks, people are going to write badly about you, and that’s gonna effect you in the long term.

Price range: Around €100,- a night
More information: Ubud Green website
TripAdvisor: link
Google: maps
Rating: 6