Review: Tugu Resort Bali

  • 21 October 2012 |

Before you visit a resort or hotel, you need to get there. Our trip to the Tugu Resort Bali was, even for Few standards, quite special. As agreed we were picked up by a car plus driver from the resort. The cool towel and bottle of water didn’t blew our minds, but the fresh fruit and all kind of different treats did. We were having a mini picnic in the back of the car. Something we haven’t experienced before.

The stories we heard up front did promise lot’s of good stuff. Especially the authentic Balinese influences and ancient treasures inside the resort made us very curious. But, to be completely honest we were also looking forward to our own private pool, the 5 different Spa’s, and the location right next to the sea.

When we arrived we immediately noticed a warm and very friendly surrounding. The personnel was well-informed about our stay. Not only the woman at the front desk knew our names from the start (without introducing ourselves), but also the rest of the 95 staff members knew exactly who we were. One of them was Hotel Manager Stephanie Jaton. She has been working for over 10 years in Indonesia and knows exactly how to combine the Balinese hospitality with western luxury which results in very well trained staff (and a very good resort).

After a ‘short’ tour (almost 1,5 hours) someone took us to our villa. Well, not really. The management let us choose between two different villas. One had the ocean view and the other a private pool. The rest of the hotel was fully booked so they freed 2 rooms just so we could choose… Another thing we haven’t experienced before. After a brief inspection we choose the villa with the private pool. This time no ocean view for us.

In the middle of our room was this huge bed. We literally took the time to measure the bed because it looked gigantic. It was over 2,5 meters long and it felt like we could get lost in there. Which probably is a good thing. Another thing that made us frown was the bathroom. That room was part inside, part outside. If we wanted, we could shower outside, right next to our private pond with different Koi fishes. Pretty amazing. Again.

What we remember best from our visit is the fact that you could have breakfast, dinner or a snack anywhere you wanted. Dinner at the beach? No problem? Breakfast at the villa? No problem? Snack in the swimming pool? No problem. We had a blast during our visit and we recommend this place highly. It doesn’t happen very much that we come across things that our new to us. Tugu did it multiple times in just 48 hours.

Price: USD 325 a night – Dedari Suite
More information: Website Tugu Bali
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