Review: The Kunja Bali

  • 21 November 2013 |

As you probably can imagine we were sad to leave The One Villa resort and trade it in for The Kunja Bali. Little did we know that it was almost just as good. We packed our bags and the amazing shuttle service from the The One Villa brought us to… The Kunja.

Little did we know (of course we did). The Kunja and the One Villa both have the same owner so we ended up in pretty much the same resort. Though, this is not completely true. The Kunja is a bit different from The One Villa. For starters, the location. That’s different. It’s still a bit remote, but it’s different already.

Another thing The Kunja has and The One has not, is a wedding chappel. Yes, the Kunja specifically aims for the newly weds (or bride and groom to come). The property has a total of 18 private villas of which 4 of them are spacious 3-bedroom villas. All of them are sort of build the same way. There’s the private pool. The sun deck, a large open (outside) kitchen en living room. The bedroom and bathroom both are inside – though the Kunja also lets you shower outside.

Check in goes the same way as with the One Villa. Fast and sweet. Not much is needed and we can enter the villa directly. Luckily we have the first villa on the left (18 villas means that the property grounds can be quite extensive). Our villa is amazing. The pool, the outside living room…

Just like The One Villa The Kunja has a free shuttle service. But, this one doesn’t pick you up. It takes you wherever you want to go, but getting back you need to do on your own. Which is logical because The Kunja has a lot more villas (visitors) than The One Villa. They would be needing a lot more cars/drivers to make sure everyone is transported.

You might think that because of this the Kunja would be a bit more ‘located’, but it’s not. It’s even more remote than the Kunja. we tried walking back once, and although we like walking, it was a long stroll in +30 degrees weather and that didn’t make us that happy. At all.

But, that was kind of our own fault I guess. Anyway. Back to the villa resort called Kunja. Somewhere in the back is the huge wedding chappel. We went for a quick look but it was closed when we got there. It looked really nice but we’re not really the marrying kind of people and we bet you’re not here to read about those kind of things. You want to know if you should book there or not. Well, we should say ‘yes, but‘. Yes, but check The One Villa first. Chances are they are booked because of the smallness and if they are, your second best shot for a affordable villa in Bali is The Kunja.

ps. We tried the in house massage. Two wonderful ladies came in running with these foldable beds and massaged the heck out of us. We feld molested and wonderful at the same time. If you like it rough (no pun intended) you should try it out. If you like it European, save your money for cocktails on the beach.

Price: from EUR 250,- a night
More information: Website The Kunja
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Rating: 8