Review: The Cambrian Hotel

  • 21 July 2012 |

Could our Swiss trip get any better after staying at Hotel des Trois Couronnes (Vevey) and Schweizerhof (Bern). Next up is The Cambrian Hotel. 

We’re heading to the Alps and staying a few night at the Cambrian hotel in Adelboden. Adelboden is a small place which is situated on the foot of the famous Swiss Alps. We arrive a bit early (by car) so during check in the friendly people at the reception tell us that our room isn’t ready yet. Luckily the weather is awesome so we decide to walk around ‘town’ a bit and check out the surroundings.

In 30 minutes we’ve seen all the shops. Adelboden has 1 supermarket, 3 restaurants, 2 bars a bike rental place and of course a church. We’re not surprised because we’ve done our homework. We’re not here for shopping. We’re here to enjoy the mountains and all of it’s beauty.

We decide to get a drink at the amazing terrace of the hotel. The view is astonishing. The mountains are mind boggeling. Before we know it the sun starts to go down and we check again if our room is ready. It was and they didn’t tell us because we we’re enjoying ourselves at the terrace. We can now take a look at the room and freshen up.

The room isn’t really spectacular. It’s a bit small (like most hotel rooms) but it has everything we need for now. Normally we like our rooms a bit bigger but this time we’re not planning on staying lots of time in the room so we’re fine. There’s one thing we do like and that’s the small balcony (it has the same view as the beneath terrace).

Back at the lobby we take a closer look at the interior. It’s pretty cool and different then most hotels. That’s probably the reason the are officially a member of the Design Hotels family. The one thing that immediately caught our attention are the ‘holes’ in the walls that are filled with wooden logs. Normally these would be for the fire place but in this case that’s probably not going to fly.

We decide to ask the reception if there’s a place nearby where we can taste a typical Swiss cheese fondue. Luckily for us there is and a few hours later we eat like a pack of wolves that haven’t eaten in a week. Man, that was good. Too bad the hotel itself didn’t serve a simple dish like this. On the other hand it maybe is a good thing because this ‘dish’ is a bit classic and doesn’t really fit in a design hotel.

The next day (after a good night of sleep) we get up early. Breakfast is perfect at the Cambrian and we set out to rent a few mountain bikes so we can explore the mountains a bit better. The bikes are included in our stay which is very nice. We take the first cable car up the mountain and spend the complete rest of the day getting down some pretty steep routes. Around 16:00 we arrive back at the hotel and decide to take a nap before testing the restaurant of Adelboden.

It’s better for us to keep our review about the restaurant short. It wasn’t good. Maybe we expected too much but we didn’t like it. The first thing we got was some leek soup but it had zero taste. The main course consisted of 2 dishes. One was something with overcooked salmon and strange fried flat potatoes on the side and the other dish was a good piece of meat but again the side dishes were doing more harm then good. The desert was way too much (3 pieces of ice with chocolate cake) and served on a horrible looking plate.

A bit disappointed we leave the restaurant and head up the stairs to the lobby to finish our bottle of wine. Though the food wasn’t that good we still had a blast that night. We had some drinks and enjoyed playing some pool at Scott’s Bar.

All in all we enjoyed our stay at the Cambrian. It’s not that often you come across these kind of hotels in a remote place like the Alps. That having said there are a few things they could have been done better. But, it could also be our own fault because we were spoiled heavily at Trois Couronnes and Schweizerhof the days before.

Price: EUR 210 a night 
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