Review: The Botanist Restaurant London

  • 21 May 2012 |

We got an invitation for a high-tea in one of the most trendy lunch rooms of London: The Botanist Restaurant London. That was something where we couldn’t say no to as reporters of Few vs Many. 

We were expected at four o’clock at restaurant the Botanist. This was not the most perfect time to eat. We were a liitle bit too early (three hours). We were in a dilemma. In Holland we have lunch around one o’çlock and dinner around half past seven and a high-tea is usually a big meal. So we asked ourselves “Are we going to have lunch or are we going to wait till four o’clock?” We decided to skip the lunch, what resulted in two slightly starved Few reporters waiting for a table at the Botanist in London.

We had the luck that we didn’t have to wait too long. When we were settled down, the waiter didn’t hesitate and brought us – within a few minutes – a big plate covered with food. We were a little bit surprised, because there was enough food for four persons. But we were also very excited, because the food looked really delicious and we were starved. The upper layer was provided with cupcakes. The second layer contained scones and underneath that we saw the most fully stuffed sandwiches we had ever seen.

We worked our way from the bottom to the top, saving the cupcakes for last. The sandwiches with cucumber and salmon were ok. Not very special. This didn’t surprise us very much. Every time we visit a bakery or a lunchroom outside Holland or France we come to the same conclusion; Only the Dutch and the French can make bread like no other. Here in England the bread is often a little bit too sweet or are we generalizing now?

The scones – in the middle of the plate – were perfect! I didn’t expect otherwise, because that’s what the English do best, baking scones. If these typical little pieces of bread were a big disappointment, like the sandwiches, then it was a lost cause and we starved ourselves for nothing. The homemade jam and the creamy butter made the scones even more delicious. We were enjoying ourselves!

After drinking our English cup of tea with a little bit of milk, we started at the cupcakes. It remains a desert and how longer you look at those sweet treats how more you want them. We had two choices of cupcakes; chocolate with bananas and cranberries with vanilla. They both were definitely worth waiting for. A little bit too much sugar, but that’s why we ate them as a desert. We were very excited about the chocolate banana cupcake, even Magnolia’s from New York would be jealous of these flavors.

In the end… Starving ourselves was a good decision. We had a great high-tea at the Botanist. It’s a very trendy place with a lot of young urban people and the prices are moderate. Our high-tea was £18 per person. If you are in London and you want to experience a typical English high-tea, Visit the Botanist.

Avarage menu price: £ 8,- starter, £ 20,- main course, £ 40,- bottle wine
More information: Website Restaurant The Botanist
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