Review: Tapas 24 Restaurant Barcelona

  • 19 October 2015 |

Tonight is Tapas kinda night. The famous and typical Spanish food in small dishes accompanied with a lot of beer and good wine. And all of this goodness will take place at the popular Tapas 24 of Carles Abellan. We’re excited!

Tapas 24 doesn’t take reservations. This basically means you have to be lucky to get in. And with lucky we pretty much mean patient, because the line outside the restaurant is long. Luckily for us the owner has made an exception. We are able to skip the line and take the first place that comes free.

The female manager of Tapas 24 at first is a little hesitate about us visiting at such a busy time. This creates kind of a strange atmosphere, but this fades away after 15 minutes or so. The weird thing is that we – after that night – love that lady. She’s the perfect floor manager for any restaurant. She seas everything, works hard, laughs with the rest of the staff and knows what she’s doing. You can see that everyone else respects her. A restaurant should feel fortunate with such a person, because these kind of people are hard to find.

Right, enough about that. Let’s talk about Tapas 24 and it’s food. The place is a typical Spanish taps bar. You either sit at the bar or at a small table right next to the bar. The bar (and kitchen) is the centre of it all. This is where all the magic happens. There’s a lot of cool memorabilia hanging on the wall (especially the framed El Bulli apron). The vibe inside is really what we’d expected before hand. It’s busy and loud. If you’re looking for a nice and quite romantic dinner for 2, you’ve come to the wrong place. At tapas 24 it’s about fun, laughter and good food.

Speaking of the food. We had multiple dishes. We of course start with a beer, some olives and the famous tomato and garlic bread. These are not your average dishes though it might sound like it. These ‘simple’ dishes have a lot more taste to it then we’r used to. Especially the tomato bread might be the best we’ve ever tasted. And the weird thing is, they we’re made right in front of us and it didn’t look like rocket science… We’re confused in a good way.

After these first dishes we’re moving to some wine accompanied by some tuna and mozzarella sandwiches. Of all the dishes we had we liked this one the least. But that’s ok, because we had plenty. Like for instance the toast and ansjovis. Oh my, oh my. This was really good. You can wake us up for something tasty like this.

After the ansjovis came some ‘Ceviche de Corvino’ which also is typical dish in Barcelona. We loved it. After this came the prawns (you can’t leave a place like this without eating some prawns). To top it all of, in came some paella and patatas bravas. After that is was time for desert. 2 pieces to be exact. One was with chocolate, but it’s the other we’ll remember the rest of our lives. It was half a lemon filled with cream and icy stuff. Heavenly!

Tapas 24 isn’t expensive. We would recommend this place to anyone that’s interested to eat really good tapas in Barcelona. The only thing you’ll have to get over is the que in front of the restaurant. Some people are willing to wait for over an hour!

Price range: Around € 35,- 
More information: Website Tapas 24
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Rating: 8