Review: Schweizerhof Hotel Bern

  • 21 September 2012 |

We’ve been to many major cities. But there’s so much more to explore. Never have we been to Switzerland. Never did we see Schweizerhof Hotel Bern.

Because our HQ is in the Netherlands we could do the trip by car, which we haven’t done very often. Citroen was friendly enough to lend us a car (more about that in another article) and this way we where a bit more agile. The first hotel we visited was hotel Schweizerhof in Bern. In the middle of this beautiful – Unesco protected – city lies this extraordinary hotel that breaths history. In the past it has been closed for multiple years for renovation works and it is now a state of the art hotel in a very old-school jacket.

We arrived by car so when we drove up we could immediately test the valet parking service. It all goes very smoothly. The people came up to the car, take out the luggage and that’s it. Your car is gone until the moment you call for it. Very relaxed. Next is the reception. All the people that work for the hotel are very nice to us. The check-in is a matter of seconds and before we know it someone directs us to our room.

We had a double deluxe king room. The check-in lady showed us the room. We need not to worry about anything. Everything which we see in the room is complimentary: Wifi, mini bar, movies… We don’t know for sure if this is for every guest but we like it!

The room itself is very spacious. There’s is of course the bedroom, but there is also a big office room with a sofa where you can chill out. Next to the bedroom there is the bathroom. Two sinks, a rain shower and a huge tub with a flat screen. This way you can watch the end – or the beginning – of the movie in the bathroom.

Next to the invitation to come visit the hotel, we received ‘permission’ to come check out Jack’s Brasserie, the hotel’s famous restaurant. Famous voor it’s schnitzel. We received 1 dinner and 2 breakfasts at Jack’s and every time we had the same waitress. Her name was Susana and Jack’s Brasserie would do a great job keeping this girl for the restaurant. It doesn’t happen much that we receive this kind of treatment. It was spot on. Never was she too much, never was she not around. Her advice was perfect and always with a smile.

But, we’re not at Jack’s to review the service. How about the food? Well, it was delicious. Our photographer had the schnitzel because this is something the restaurant was famous for. Your chief editor had the tasting menu which included salmon, grilled beef, steinpilzragout and of course all sorts of cheese. Every meal was paired with some excellent red and white wine. The schnitzel was really something else. Never had we tasted a schnitzel like this. Can’t really explain what it tasted like but it was delicious. Eventually we had a blast at Jack’s. It even came close to the perfect evening.

If you’re ever in Bern and have some money to spare. Please do yourself a favor and visit hotel Schweizerhof. We’ve been in many hotels and we’ve always managed to find a flaw or 2. This time, we searched hard for any but eventually can’t think of anything.

Price: from EUR 303,- a night
More information: Website Schwerizerhof hotel Bern
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