Review: Salt W Barcelona

  • 27 December 2015 |

It’s been two days since we’ve visited the famous hotel W in Barcelona. First we ate at the incredibly good BRAVO, today it’s time to check out a more low profile restaurant called Salt W, also located inside the W. 

This restaurant is situated on the boardwalk so you’re basically a few feet away from the deep blue ocean. The view is one of the huge plus points this place has. Salt W has some tables inside but no one ever sits there (we guess because the magic is definitely happening outside on the terrace).

The moment we visit is a little bit early in the afternoon. Not a lot of people are present the moment we enter. We are welcomed by the floor manager who immediately offers us a signature cocktail. [We of course ask what’s in it and when he tells us it’s a gin tonic we are already satisfied. One can never go wrong with a gin tonic.

While enjoying the view we take a close look at the menu that is handed over. There’s a lot of good things on there and after a quick chat with the waitress we decide to order 3 starters (to share) and we both order a different burger – the place is famous for it’s burgers.


The starters are a simple but delicious goat cheese salad, a shrimp cervice and the chicken wings. The goat cheese salad is the winner of this round. Not saying the other two dishes weren’t good, but the goat salad stood out the most for us.

Now we go over to the main course. We tried the salmon burger and the ‘Japanese passion’. We decide to cut both burgers in half so we get to taste the best of them. The salmon burger is lacking some taste. It’s looking pretty sweet, but the burger itself could have been a lot better. The other burger we have is a lot better. Lot of flavor going on for that one and the meat is tender and juicy.


All in all we are a bit disappointed with the main courses. The starters were amazing, but the thing they’re supposed to dot best were not as good as we’ve hoped (been told). Maybe it was bad timing, or maybe it’s just bad cooking/picking the right ingredients, we’re not really sure.

We conclude our review always with the simple question. Would we come back? Well, you might think we would pass on Salt W the next time we’re in town, but we won’t. The location, the drinks and the starters are really worth visiting, so that’s exactly what we’ll do the next time we’re in Barcelona.

Price range: € 15,- for a burger
More information: Website Salt W
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Rating: 8