Review: Salero Restaurant Dubai

  • 25 August 2015 |

You all know that you can do anything you want in Dubai. And that includes having a typical Spanish diner in a typical Spanish atmosphere, thanks to Salero Restaurant Dubai inside the Kempinski hotel.

In any other country (besides Spain of course) you might have second thoughts about the description above. 9 out of 10 visits to such a restaurant result in a disappointment. In Dubai however, things work a bit differently. If the Kempinski owners want a Spanish restaurant, they’ll get one. And it better be good, because the Kempinski name one with an important name.

So, before we even reach the place, we know we’re going to have a good Spanish diner. The taxi drops us off in front of the Salero Restaurant Dubai (which is also a huge shopping mall – the one with the ski slope). After some searching and asking around we found the entrance to this small establishment. We kinda not see that one coming. Everything in Dubai is big and kinda loud, so entering a smaller restaurant was really nice.

The place is decorated to Spanish standards, that much is clear. There’s a lot of wine bottles, wooden furniture and it’s pretty dark. We are welcomed in a not so Spanish way and that’s a good thing I guess. The Dubai way is really really friendly and that’s something you’ll please us with any time of the day.

The waitress explains us the menu and it basically comes down to the fact that there are a lot of small disches we should try (sharing is caring) but also a few larger ones. Especially the Paella we shouldn’t miss according to woman who we thing knows a bit or two about the food being served.

So, we of course listened to her. We ordered the Paella for 2 and a few dishes to share. Some tomato bread and garlic, of course there’s the patatas bravas and you can’t leave without trying the fried squid of course.

The thing is with Dubai and it’s weather… Our apatite is not as big as normal. The moment we reach the paella, we look at each other in an awkward way. Pffff, so much food. Luckily all the food is of excellent quality so it’s worth the hassle, but sometimes we’d wish we had a little more room to stuff all the food.

All in all we had a lot of fun at Salero. The food and atmosphere was just perfect. Halfway through our diner there even was this Spanish music/dance show which was loud, but typically Spanish (the loud part also), so we didn’t mind. The only down side was the fact that people are allowed to smoke inside. We get that this is also really Spanish, but it also ruins the food a bit.

Price range: Around €250,- a night
More information: Website Salero
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Rating: 7,5

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