Review: Lion Noir Restaurant Amsterdam

  • 21 August 2012 |

Last week we decided to go into an invitation of Lion Noir Restaurant Amsterdam. Oh wait… to be fair, we nicely asked if could to come and taste some things of the menu of the new establishment from the same owner as the Jimmy Whoo. This because Lion Noir was opened at the ending of last year.

At the middle of Amsterdam, at the Regulier Dwarstraat, the restaurant is situated. The frontside of the place doesn’t do justise to the feeling you get, once inside. But somehow the surprising interior style is even bigger this way. This is neat with fairly nice wooden details. Let’s call it Asian industrial.

On the main floor we’ll find a lounge, which funny enough, is for relaxation. In the weekends this place can be so crouded that the restaturant decides to accually set the tables over here as well.

At the back the open kitchen and courtyard is to be find. Furthermore another 18 more tables, as the Dutch weather let’s us, we decide to go for the garden.

Once outside we immidiately dive into the difficult job of choosing one of the three housewines. We will take the Sauvignon. The wine is fine, nice and fresh, which with this nice summer weather is a good company. Next up: bread oliveoil, pepper and salt, for us always a winner. However, sometimes a little bit more imagination isn’t to much to ask.

Back inside, although the weather lets us we decide to eat indoor. Also because we would like to “taste” the atmosphere over here. At the second floor you’ll find the centre of the restaurant. The tables neatly made up and not to close to eachother.

The two of us both go for an starter as well as a maindish. The desset we haven’t decided yet. The first course is grilled swordfish with quinoa and a salsa of red pepper, spring onion and backed coquilles with chorizo and a cream of chickpeas. Both meals were gone before we even knew it. The salsa was a bit to much in volume but the taste was excellent.

As for the main dished, one time the backed seadevil with pulpo, ratatouille, candied tomato and virgin sauce. And once the ribbs of young pork and backfilet with green beans, herbal gnocchi and abricot gravy. The ribbs are a delight, despite the unpleasant name of the dish. The seadevil is also perfectly flavoured, althought the chef has overdone it with the puplo and ratatouille.

One more view at the desertmenu and we’re turned. Lemon custard with limoncello merinque and a pistachecake with lemon marmelade are being served within minutes. This is a cute but heavy combination as a desert should be. Just that final push towards extreme satisfaction.

Eventually Few is happy to get a peak into the kitchen of the restaurant. It’s all beautifull and the luxious garden garanties lots of guests this summer. This combined with an excellent kitchen makes an intresting night on the town. Caspar Reinders, owner of Lion Noir but also the Jimmy Whoo and Bo Cinq again has given the trendy Amsterdam public a place to feel welcome.

Avarage menu price: € 15,- starter, € 25,- main course, € 9,- cocktail  
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