Review: La Guingueta Barcelona

  • 8 February 2016 |

Before we head home there’s one more place we ‘need’ to visit: Carlos Arbellan’s La Guingueta. We’ve tasted the good man’s food this week more than once (BRAVO & Tapas 24). This time however, we’re headed for his place on the beach.

This beach shack is supposed to serve real good instead of bad quality food (and very much overpriced) you usually get at a similar place like this. We’re anxious to find out if this place is just as good as the previous two.

The fun thing is that we stumble across the same floor manager as with Tapas 24 earlier this week. We love that woman and we know now we’re not the only ones that know this power woman is really good at what she does because she obviously manages multiple restaurants.

La Guingueta is a lot different that other Arbellan’s establishments. It’s way more low key and that’s something you immediately see when you sit down. It’s loud and there are even a few drunk guys that are trying to have a good time by drinking a whole lot of beer.

We’re not really at ease. The fact that the toilet can also be used by the people that spend a day at the beach isn’t helping because this basically means it’s not really clean. But, we’re here for the food. We order some sangria and nachos to start with, just to be safe.

Right. Let’s get this party started. We can watch people around us all day but that’s not what we’re here for. We’re here to taste the food and tell you guys if you should visit or not. So we have to stop be distracted with everything that surrounds us and start to order some food.

We try to taste as much dishes as possible, like we always do. There’s no such thing as starters, mains and other stuff. It’s just a bunch of different dishes. Our Guingueta adventure consist of chicken wings, carpaccio, mozzarella sandwiches, chips, tuna salad and some more sangria. The food is pretty good, but not really exceptional. For desert we again (same as Tapas 24) have the frozen lemon, which is better than the one we had earlier this week. Why? Because we’re at the beach probably and it’s a lot hotter than when we were at Tapas 24.

We leave the place feeling a bit weird. We really enjoyed the food. And the quick service. But, the atmosphere is something we weren’t really expecting. We thought it would be a little bit more exclusive. We even wanted it to be if we think about it. But it’s not, and that means there’s a possibility you’ll be experiencing decent food including drunk people, burned tourists and small kids that are sitting around you. And that’s not our idea of fun dining. 

Price range: € 10,- to 15,- for a dish
More information: Website La  Guingueta  
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Rating: 7,5