Review: Hotel Jeeva Klui Lombok

  • 21 November 2013 |

Our next stop is Hotel Resort Jeeva Klui Lombok. We’ve taken the big ferry to get there but before we did we were deceived by the guys that sell tickets. Please be warned. Get there in time, check the place out and don’t let them fool you. If they do, you’d still be paying peanuts, but it can be done cheaper.

In Lombok it took us an hour (by car) to get to the resort. The taxi was shabby but the road was beautiful. The trip took us along the coast and we immediately knew that this was gonna be a cool place to stay.

Jeeva Klui is situated on the beach. Litteraly. Almost all of the villas have the ocean view. There are a few small villas and of course some that are bigger. We stayed in a small villa, but their definition of small is probably not the same as yours. We got the huge bedroom, walk in closet and half outside half inside bathroom. Our ‘room’ for 2 nights is on the ground floor but we do have neighbors on top of us. That room is occupied but we never heard anything.

When you’re outside you can hear the ocean roar. It’s a magnificent sound. The resort has these small beach houses right in front of the ocean. These are perfect for sitting/laying and relaxing. Enjoying the view and the ocean.

The design of the place is really smart. In the middle of the resort (which is still practically on the beach) there’s this swimming pool and restaurant area. The swimming pool is fine but the trees surrounding it create a full time poolboy job because there’s always stuff falling in the water. Not that we notice because it’s amazingly clean.

Jeeva Klui does things a bit different. They want people to interact with each other during their stay at the resort instead of keeping to themselves. But how do you make this work? Well, it’s pretty simple. Every day around 16:00 there are free snacks and Balinese tea to drink at the restaurant. It’s an old and easy trick but it works perfectly. It’s a time that you’re belly is telling you to get him something so it’s crowded. And when it’s crowded, people start to interact.

But this is just a small thing for Jeeva Klui. They’ve got lots of other ideas to try and make your stay at this hotel stand out a bit. The competition on Lombok and Bali is fearless, so you got to be creative. Creative with special themed dinners with dancers. You’ve seen that before? Of course you did, but not like this. In these special dinners the dancers let the guests participate at the spot. This is a fun twist and it let’s you get a bit closer to the Indonesian culture.

Our stay at Jeeva Klui was probably the best during our 3 week trip. And that’s kinda weird because the resort lies in the middle of nowhere. For 3 days we didn’t do anything but stay there, and we had a blast. It’s crowded but relaxed. The food is awesome. The people are nice and smart and the weather/ocean… Unforgettable.

This is the perfect place to stay when in Lombok. Remember that. This is worth the money. Remember that.

Price: from EUR 200,- a night
More information: Website Jeeva Klui
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Rating: 8