Review: Inamo St. James Regent Street London

  • 21 May 2012 |

The last restaurant Few vs Many visited in London was the best. We can be honest about that. Seriously, Inamo St. James Regent Street London… What an experience. THE place to be in London right now.

The first meeting with the people of Inamo went a bit rough. We were late and we thought we were not. Luckily they didn’t gave away our table. Once seated the party started. Inamo operates as follows. Your table is a large computer (E-Table™). You need to order your food and your drinks yourself, with the table. It sounds complicated, but it is not. And if you don’t understand, there’s always someone around who can help.

Because you’re at an Asian restaurant you order several dishes in small quantities. You can preview your food on your screen so, what you see is what you get. Literally. When you place the order and you must confirm your choice. Then a waiter will double check so nothing can go wrong. But the fun doesn’t stop. Now you can take a look in the kitchen and see how your food is being prepared.

We obviously knew in advance what to expect at Inamo. What we feared in such a ‘digital’ restaurant is that the staff loses contact with the customer. This would make a visit to this restaurant a lot more impersonal. However, this was not the case. At all. The staff now has extra time and they spend that time asking if everything is alright and give their professional opinion about the food they server. This digital concept actually works!

Nice feature of these interactive table is the fact that do more than simply function as a menu. We wrote earlier that it is possible to see the chefs live. But that’s not all. With this table you can also play games to kill the time (ideal for children), order a taxi or you see what there is to do in the neighborhood.

To finish this review, the food was extremely good. In particular the Fish Buri Bop! At Few vs Many we love Asian food so we know good food when we taste it. Inamo St. James provides top quality. You pay for it. Sure, but you also get something in return. We’ll visit again someday. That’s one thing that’s for sure.

Avarage menu price: £ 7,- small dish, £ 15,- big dish, £ 20,- bottle of wine
More information: Website Restaurant Inamo St. James
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