Review: Hotel One Aldwych London

  • 21 May 2012 |

Not too long ago Few vs Many visited London. The first hotel where we spend the night was One Aldwych in Convent Garden nearby Waterloo Bridge.

Before we even set foot inside the hotel we can see what’s up. Two doorman in front of the entrance make sure nobody uninvited comes in. Gives us directly the feeling we are in luxurious surroundings. Which is a good thing of course. When we approach the entrance the swing open the doors en a third doorman comes running for our bags. Its a warm welcome.

The reception is on the other side of the building. This way you need to cross the main lobby of the hotel and you already get a good impression of the hotel. The elevators are also situated here. This results in a constant flow of people walking through the lobby. Which gives the impression there is a real buzz going on. Smart thinking if its done on purpose.

If you are from the press you are always treated different. We can imagine. Everything was taking care of in a perfect way. Nothing to complain about that. The room was also perfect. We had a good view of all the theaters around and we could even spot the London Eye.

The room itself was spacious. The same goes for the bathroom. Hell, there was even space for an extra television screen between the sinks. We havn’t seen that before. Pretty cool but also very useless. The room was very minimalistic which is fine. You’re in the middle of one of the greatest cities in the world. The last thing you want to do is spend too much time in your room. Was everything perfect? Not really. It wouldn’t get a 10/10. We spotted some wastage in the corners of the room. Nothing spectacular, but it was there. Also the carpet could be replaces if you ask us….

We leave the room to inspect the rest of the hotel. Through a very cool elevator (we leave that to your imagination) we visit (not swim) the pool. It seems that the pool has underwater music but we don’t feel like simming. Not today. We have too much to do. We take a look at the fitness room that is open 24h. Looks sweet. We don’t use it. We don’t feel like sporting. Not today.

Back to the lobby to have a drink with the hotel marketing manager. Its a beautiful and very higt space with lots of windows. You can see the famous open-topped red double decker busses. Gives us the feeling that we’re in London, which is a good feeling. The lobby is filled with suit-wearing people. Not so much a casual Friday.

The first night we slept like a baby in One Aldwych. When our eyes are finally open we are on our way to check out breakfast. Typical english breakfast means scrambles eggs, bacon, salmon, toast and thea. That is something that makes us happy

In the end the hotel was pretty awesome. Everything was taken care of. Its not a spectacular hotel, but it doesn’t pretend that it is one. And that makes a great difference with so many other hotels. One Aldwych does everything correctly and neat. Would we stay again? No. Few vs Many is always on the lookout for that ‘wow-factor’. But we do think there are a whole lot of people that would love te sleep at this hotel.

Price: Tussen de £ 265,- en £ 1040,-
More information: Website One Aldwych
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Without Eurostar, we would have not been able to sleep in hotel One Aldwych. A train ride from Amsterdam to London takes around 4 hours and if you travel business class, like we did, its easily the best way to travel. Its so relaxed. No airport stress! Just perfect. Eurostar offers 3 different classes. Tickets are available from € 50,- (standard) to € 112,- (standard premium).